BattleField Arcadia "ARC Invitational II" 01/31/10


Empire Arcadia vs. NYC

This event has been canceled and moved to BattleField Arcadia XI. Please see thread for details.


If I can’t make it this Sunday (friend’s b-day and maybe another tournament if time allows), may we get someone to take my spot? I don’t want to stop the 5v5 from happening altogether. If I’m allowed to nominate someone, I would choose jav1ts since he’s also a Boxer player and better than me all around. On the other hand, Ben Fong is already on the NYC team. Rico Suave and Mariodood would be good candidates to take my spot if people don’t want two Boxers on the same team. Thanks.


So…how exactly do you get invited to this kindo f tournament? I’d love to get a crack at some of the “high end top players” of NYC


Insyanne has the same issue. If you nominate the players they have to post here on the thread, that they accept the position. Javits is Empire so he can not get the position. Having the same character is not an issue either.

You had to have competed at BattleField Arcadia X to receive the invitation.


Understood. I thought Javits was part of Empire Arcadia, but a few people kept telling me that he wasn’t. Thanks for clearing that up.


I won’t be able to stop by either.
I am going to be working on a full schedule on Sunday.
Can I have someone else to vouch for me in taking my position?


Let’s nominate Mariodood and Rico Suave to take our spots. Now I just have to get in contact with them.


Id be glad to take someones spot. I can prolly make it, but im not totally sure until the times are posted. Triforce, you might wanna delay the event until we can actually get 5 NYCers who are good to go. I dunno how many spots are available, but someone contact Rico and Aulord to fill the remaining spots, they can definitely give empire some trouble.


I’ll play anyone for a spot. Easy Coast. Real Talk.


I would take someones spot if they can not make it. I know I didnt place in the top 5 but I honestly cant wait to play members from Empire again.


Yea I’ll be there on Sunday, alot of EMP people gonna be there? I’ll bring some cash for money matches. Sanford mind a $25 1st to 5 against your sagat or viper? Either would be a good test for me. I’ll try to practice as much as possible and see you guys there.


Ok I want to update this, being that the 5 players that placed top 5 outside of Empire are having difficulties making it to the ARC this Sunday I am going to push the 5 on 5 exhibition to BattleField Arcadia XI. Please see BattleField Arcadia XI thread for more information.