Battlefield Arcadia: Dojo Mode (The ARC) 07/15/09

Welcome everyone to my first SRK public announcement of the ARC’s scrimmage session. Next week I will be hosting some of the Empire’s and the East Coast most exceptional talent at the ARC to sharpen their skills for the ultimate show down at Evolution 2K9 to face off against Japan in SF4. The ARC can hold up to 25 uncomfortably and 20 people semi comfortably. I’m going with 25 because I want to try to get as many players ready for Evo. Lets just hope that the air conditioner can hold up. :tup:

Most of the scrimmages will be live stream and we will be interviewing some of the talents at the ARC about what they expect at Evolution. Home made catering will be available. The ARC opens to the public at 4pm until 1am. The following is a list of participants from the Empire that play SF4 that will be at the ARC on that day.

Justin Wong
Arturo Sanchez
Sanford Kelly
Emp’s Hand

There are 19 more slots left and I am considering 5 extra depending on the temperature of the ARC on that day. To attend please reply and I will start to update the list.

I won’t be there, sorry.

you might wanna post this in your regional section tfgm. just a suggestion. and good work trying to better the players in your area.

I’ll be there… watchign the stream, im a fan of sanford lol

which day next week and address?

[media=youtube]6417mOPv9s8[/media] USA VS JAPAN:rock:::karate:

I want to go. My EVO status is up in the air but I still want to level up my play. Sick of going 2 and out…

Wednesday July 15th, 2009.
557 Midwood Street 2nd Floor
Brooklyn NY, 11203

Where will this be streamed?