Battlefield Arcadia Live Stream is up!

I don’t mind the video quality, but the idiots screaming in the background kinda suck.

Yeah I feel the same way. Plus no commentators mean that we have no idea who is playing unless you’re able to identify them by there play style.

The broadcaster is typing the names of the players before the matchup in the chat box I think. Still, I’m just muting it.

awesome thanks a lot!

For anyone not watching, you missed out. Joe’s Sagat was getting turtled to death by the Guile player(forgot his name). And in the grand finals, he was down 3-0 with one set remaining and he went balls out performing many clutch corner ultras and spacing much better to prevent jump ins over his tiger shot. He won 8 consecutive sets to win the whole thing. Congrats Joe, rep American Sagat’s.

I hate Sagat, but Joe is a guy I can’t help but root for since seeing the I Got Next documentary.

Shit, I knew I should have kept watching. :frowning:

Is there a way to watch a rebroadcast like they had for Evo?

How many people were watching the stream?

or just the finals / highlight matches?

200 at its peak. I dont know if it was advertised in time unfortunately.

Seb said a lot of people stopped watching after Joe turned it around. To be honest its not really remarkable if Sagat beats Guile…its 7-3 Sagat.

Hey guys, I’m rendering and uploading the videos (with commentary, and with direct feed) at . Probably will be ready to begin to start uploading tomorrow! I’ll let you guys know.

nice am happy i came by for that

this is a monthly tournament?
apparently the next one is on September 13th?

I thought Joe’s comeback was pretty exciting because it looked like Dieminion had him pegged. Good stuff.