BattleField Arcadia Returns (Results)


Super Street Fighter 4

1st - Evil Rahsaan (Empire)
2nd - Santhrax (Empire)
3rd - Red Ranger
4th - Chris G. (Empire)
5th - Mike Gee
5th - Sean
7th - The Game (Empire)
7th - Ben Fong

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1st - Chris G (Empire)
2nd - Evil Rahsaan (Empire)
3rd - War x Rock
4th - TPH Lionheart
5th - Ben Fong
5th - Nelson “Remix” Reyes (Empire)
7th - Liston "Prince of India"
7th - Paper Chaser


I eliminated the game. No way we could both have the same place.


what was the turnout for both games? and when is the next one?


You’re actually right it’s Sean that was 5th and the Game tied for 7th. Correction being made.

23 people showed up in total and 16 was for Super Street Fighter 4.


whatever steroids rahsaan injected into his fingers i want some.


Shine I stand corrected, it was Sean that had 5th. You came in 9th, but this is your first BattleField since I don’t know when. Next time you’ll do better. A whole lot better.


Was a good time i only lost to sanford n i got 3rd place so i think i did ok for my 1st emp arc cant wait till the next 1. Are u guys putting the fights up on youtube by any chance?


You can check on Frameadvantage website or youtube. YouTube - FrameAdvantageDotCom’s Channel


I also eliminated Sean(Shine) BEFORE I faced The Game(2 games before to be exact). How did he get 5th?


i wasnt the only sean there i think


It is impossible that you could have “Eliminated” “Sean” from the tournament. He faced Red Ranger in losers semi’s. Ask Red Ranger, because he was the one to put him “OUT” of the tournament.


Shine, your name is “Sean”? If it is, I’m not talking about you. There was a guy there called Sean that Red Ranger beat in losers semi’s.


Yeah i eliminated sean in the losers semi’s he was using chun li if i recall correctly maybe another guy with same name