BattleField Arcadia Special: Double Impact

Street Fighter 4

1st - Kreymore, Arturo and Brynhild (Empire/Dark Valkyrie) Team Blue
2nd - Dragon God, Remedy and Rozemaiden (Empire/Dark Valkyrie) Team Gold
3rd - Mariodood, (EMP) Dayasha and (GP) Ben Fong (Back of the Bus)
4th - Adnan Rico Suave and Manny (Low Tier)
5th - Andre, Yipes and Persia (Empire/Dark Valkyrie) Team White
5th - Spank, DJ Eric and Eldryck (Dark Side)
7th - Sanford, Jeron and StarSlay3r (Empire/Valkyrie) Team Black
7th - Spab Rog, Shintl and Gooni (Deep Throat)

Halo 3

1st - Creaky and Solekz (Code 211)
2nd - DVOA Persia and Kenny (VOA & Friends)
3rd - Johnny / Donuts (Team Random)

Tetris DS

  • Grandmaster Seat Defense 4 (TriForce 10 vs. -Empire Gold- Yipes and Kreymore 0) “Forefit”

1st - IFC Yipes and Kreymore (Empire)
2nd - Manny and Aulord
3rd - Will and John
4th - Michael and Frankie
5th - Simon and Erick
5th - Kenny and Mike G

Whoa, Sanford in 7th, what happened there? :bgrin:

I haven’t been to a BA in a long ass time, I’ll definitely try to make it to the next 1v1 in April before Super comes out.

Were are the mvc2 results triforce?

Ehhh… an Abel player happened… then a Zangief player happened. Eh… everyone has their off days. I’m still thankful I got to be teamed up with him… I got a lot of great tips from him. :smiley: Thanks to my teammates and to triforce and it was great seeing all of you there! :smiley: Arturo… Much love! Congrats dude!


good shit to Art. Good to see you back

Arturo’s got those magic powers and possibly telekinesis skills to allow Kreymore body fools for free. Dude didn’t have to lift a finger. Mind Fu.
Good shit to everyone.

This tournament was possessed. Something was really wrong here in the air. I lost to a sagat player because i failed to punish a whiffed tiger uppercut, Sanford and jerons team gets ocv’d by a abel player which IMO, shouldnt have come close to happening. Anyway i avoided my lumps on my frist trip to battlefield. I had to takea heartcrushing defeat sometime. Dragongod and kreymore were on some next shit. Anyone find it weird that the first battlefield in like 3 months arturo shows up to and he didnt even have to play? He got paid to commentate. Thats crazy. At least i beat ben fong…haha.

Damn Sanford 7th place? Where you at??? Where you aaaaaaaatTTTTTT!!!

Man. My friend and I were coming to this, but we noticed the switch to 3v3 at the last second, and didn’t want to act as a boat anchor on some poor random third person. We’ll hit the 4/3 though.

Good Shit Kreymore I see you man!

Laugh my ass oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofffffffffff


HOTT shit that day- had fun meeting new people and learn a thing from one of the best cammy fighter ever thank you empire -DARK VALKYRIE ROZEMAIDEN

Hey Maiden, I didn’t mean to be rude to you at the event.

Good shit to everyone, especially those of Cobra Kai!


Goodshit to the Valkyries for coming out, show the dudes why they’re free!

I didnt team TOURNEYS were so serious lol sorry for losing guys…HOW dare I

It was an interesting and fun experience. Glad I was able to come out. It was worth the $200 plane ticket. :smile:

Thanks for the hospitality at the Arc as well Triforce.

The Marvel community were at Tiffs house for the baby shower so unfortunately it was just on a bad day. We’ll run it back at Battlefield Arcadia XIII.

I’m glad that you enjoyed the event and the ARC StarSlay3r. You are welcome here anytime. Oh…we’re going out to a “Bar and Grill - Gamer lounge” tonight, do you want to come? Give me a call.

Things happen, you only have one game. Sanford is just the King of the East Coast, the King of Fighters will be here this week though.

LMAO, this was the funniest post of this entire thread. Yeah the tournament was random and funny.

Hey hey…Remember…

Ben Fong Empire hit list is growing so far he has beaten the following Knights in tournament.

You (Rahsaan) lol
Andre “Jago” Lambert
Jeron “Hiro” Grayson
Ronald “Remedy” R.
and now IFC Yipes?

Where WE aaaaaaaatTTTTTT!!!

Next time man…just come through, I always find a way to fix things up. :slight_smile: I did this for the community trust me. I want to get the female scene here in the east going, no matter how scrubby they are. They have to start somewhere. In time they will get better. Come on, look how godlike gootecks is setting up the west. Yo…people don’t give credit to the godlike guys behind the scene that work on making shit happen. lol.

HOW DARE YOU! 1000 lashes. jk. Don’t worry Santhrax…BFA XIII…revenge. Damn…I feel sorry for you guys.

Not a problem. I’m glad that you came all the way out from Missouri just to visit friends compete at the BattleField and then come to the ARC. I glad it was worth the trip and money for you and you’re welcome back at anytime.

Benjamin F’s, not Franklins but we still ballin’ :smokin:

First off I ant to publicly apologize for my behavior at battlefield. Alot of things happened this past weekend, there were things that went wrong in general.Me and Sanford foresaw about what WAS going to happen and I knew what was going to happen before the tournament even started. I’ve played in over 300 tournaments since 2002 and that day for the first time ever I came out in a way i shouldn’t have in front of everyone there which was not good to the eyes of the company or myself and for THAT im sorry. Despite how I feel about Street Fighter 4 or the sf 4 community I pride myself on being a respectable player and respectable to people that plays for the love of the game whether I may like it or not.

Also please don’t mistake this as some pity post…I am very genuine in any and everything I apply myself to. Alot of people talk (shittalk) as part of they’re gameplay. I dont have to because my gameplay and my mind do it for me. If your on your grind and you are that top player you never have to talk shit because there will be people to talk shit for you! Triforce I know you wanted me to run HDR at the next battlefield but I wont be entering any more events until ssf4. At any rate we’ll talk about that in person.
Good shit to all the valkaries that put the effort into playing at the event. Good shit to all the people that have been making showings to battlefield arcadias instead of talking shit about them. You understand the movement and i have a great respect for that, you know who you all are.