BattleField Arcadia X: Age of the Clone Wars 1/24/09

Actually I don’t strive to beat shine, I just wanna play him to see how good his gouken is. As for competition its simple, some want fame others want skill. But just like anything that starts as a hobby, once money becomes involved its all that matters. I’m sure a lot of musicians wanna become better musicians, but will that stop them from getting their money? Nope.

I wanna fight Andre too, best bison supposedly…

The venue is located on Bay Parkway.

I’ll try to make it out to this one.

So will your sneakers be once you run through it.

cause he sent me to the mortons thanks to the laggy hd setups.

I’ve been MIA the past few, just got a new job plus the snowstorm last time, but I’ll try to make it out to this one.

Was MW2 any good to warrant a return?

Haha. Understandable.

I’ll be there.


It’s unfortunate they never resolved the HDTV lag issues. I think someone who knows what to do needs to take a look before they tourney and fix and test it out.

Ima try to make this. But game pad should look on Craigs list for some Cheap CRT TV’s.

Sup. Will be making it out to this one, see you guys then. No more ken lol after getting ownd by sanford on live stream D=

Also, any news on COD returning?

Dude, don’t sweat it. Sanford’s Sagat that day absolutely dominated the loser’s bracket. He was hungry to get back to Shine and it showed when he demolished him in the grand finals.

I might have to be “that guy” who asks to borrow sticks. Recently my :hk: randomly just stops working in the middle of matches, where I have to unplug the USB out and then back in for it to work. And just now it won’t even “turn on” when I plug it in, so it might be broke. Not sure if I want to invest in a new one since I don’t play SFIV as much anymore, but might as well since they’re cheaper now, or I could wait until Super is released if they make a new one. Only thing that sucks is now I can’t even practice for this… lol

Not sure if I understand what you’re saying, but if your HK button is all thats broken, just replace the HK button.

Johnny cage’s stick has that problem too. He got it modded by bob the builder and now the Kick button randomly dies

Following DMG Warriors will be competeing in this one:


Tri I was wondering if there are going to be teams and if there are is it going to be 2v2 or 3v3?

I’d love to see another team tourney. Every 3rd or 5th tourney should be a team one. that’d be pretty awesome.

I apologize for not having the details up yet, I’m just enjoying New Years. On Monday the full details of the 10th BattleField Arcadia will be up. There will be a SF4 Teams and Singles. Call of Duty will be returning. We will have 2 set ups for T6 however a time deadline will be put out for Tekken 6. If by a certain time not enough people are there we will cancel it. I will be making my first SF4 appearance in teams competition since MLG 09 back in April. I’m trying to get some tournament experience in before GAMME.

Just putting this out there, that I will put up a pot of $300.00 as the 1st place winnings for the 3v3 team tournament depending on the turn out of the SF4 singles which will start early. It will work out something like this. If 60 players show up for the singles tournament then the team tournament will be free entry winner takes all. If not then entry for the team tournament will be $5.00 per player, a total of ($15.00) per team.

More details on Monday. Enjoy the New Year Weekend.

PS: COD: MW2 we got you on this tournament so don’t think that we are going to give up on you. Last time we got snowed out…this time there is no excuse. We’re going to get it in.

Thats awesome! This should be quite good.

Updates have been made.