BattleField Arcadia X: Age of the Clone Wars Results

Call of Duty: Modern WarFare 2 (Xbox 360)

1st - Mr. Cag and Ghost X (EMP)

Tetris (Nintendo Wii)

1st - TriForce “TFGM” (EMP) *
2nd - Stephanine
3rd - Wild Albatros
4th - NEO (EMP)
5th - AVC
5th - Gabriel Caraballo
7th - Mike G.
7th - Chun

*** New Grand Master Established
**In tournament highlights
*NGB Insyanne defeats Inthul, who’s Pad Fei Long held up against a lot of competitors.
*Fight of the Bison’s Andre vs. Jeron. Jeron comes away with the win the final match 2-1
*Jeron vs. NGB Insyanne. In a nail biter Insyanne double ultra’s Jeron in the final game 2-1
*DieMinion vs. Sanford. Sanford defeats DieMinion in a plasma chucking war.
*DieMinion vs. NGB Insyanne in a nail bitter. DieMinion comes back down 0-2 to win it 3-2
*Sanford vs. DieMinion Grand Finals was a plasma chucking war that Guile could not win.
*Sanford wins his 3rd BattleField Arcadia

Street Fighter 4 (1v1)

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
2nd - Kevin “Dieminion” Landon (Empire)
3rd - NBG Insaynne
4th - Jeron Greyson (Empire)
5th - Ben Fong
5th - Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert (Empire)
7th - Danny “Gran_Calc” Duong
7th - Inthu (DMG)l
Special Announcement!**

The Official Team NYC is…

NBG Insaynne
Ben Fong
Danny “Gran_Calc” Duong
Damien “damdai” Dailidenas

They have been invited to the ARC to compete against Empire Arcadia’s top 5 ARC Players. (Players TBA) This team is not to be confused with the Empire’s 5 Man East team. More news on the date of the 5 on 5 later tonight.

557 Midwood Street, Brooklyn NY 11203 Top bell.
Sunday January 31st 2009

Team tournament highlights
*TFGM OCV Team Rizhall gone Wild
*TFGM steps out of fight between Empire 1 and Empire OGK so that a fair fight is held with Andre and DieMinion vs. Sanford and Jeron.
*Team Liquid Plumbers defeats DMG
*In a personal battle, after Damdai loses to TriForce in winners, Damdai gets his revenge in losers beating TriForce twice.
*Team Empire OGK beats Liquid plumber
*Team Empire comes back from losers 2 sets to beat Empire 1

Street Fighter 4 (3v3)

1st - Empire OGK: (TFGM, Hiro, Sanford)
2nd - Empire 1 Pyscho Plasma (Smoothviper, Jago, DieMinion)
3rd - Liquid Plumber (Damdia, Danny, Aulord)
4th - DMG (Inthul, Rico S. Darth Amar)
5th - NY Heroes (???)
5th - Jump Black Man Jump (Ben Fong, Dawgtanian, Super Joe)
7th - Team Brooklyn (Chun, Chin, ???)
7th - Team Free (???, ???, ???)

TVC tournament highlights
Keits destroys everyone…FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! He’s your first BattleField Arcadia Champion for TVC.
Excellent turn out for TVC’s first tournament in NYC. This game is coming back next BattleField.
Empire takes top 3 for first TVC Tournament.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

1st - Keits
2nd - Andre “Jago” Lambert (Empire)
3rd - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
4th - Demarcus (GPX)
5th - Mega Man (CTF)
5th - Chung
7th - Mike Infinite
7th - Master Chibi

Thanks for the shout out Justin. You and Ricky hold it down in the West.

lol too bad i wasnt there for TVC haha

Good seeing you again Keits, hope the hype for TvC actually manages to stick this time.

Had plenty fun playing and learning, thanks for all the help!

Yatterman 2 hotness + Doronjo’s sexy ass = pure fiyah.


Jus got home from this… For my first Battlefield it was mad fun…Nice to b able to faces to the names ive seen on here for a bit… Contemplating if actually coppin the TvC UAS is gunna b worth it or if its gunna crap out like wen the CGH came out

edit: 3,897 BILLION DAMAGE!!! lol

Good shit Megaman!
I definitely need to take some time to play this, it’s very interesting.
Good game to everyone and what a turnout this has been!
I’m so glad I got 5th place in singles tourney out of 49 people. Man. I’m so excited.

I had a good time. Thanks for all the matches and I am looking forward to the next event.

Awesome tournament and awesome turn out. See you all at the next one, folks! Good games to all!

I need to play you some more, you gave me the most trouble with god damn Megaman (go figure) >:|!

Good seeing everyone tonight! Sorry I was burnt out time the team tournament… My ChunLi played like drunken ChunLi after a party … : ( lol
Big turnout ggs all over!!

A personal highlight was my boy Ben Fong holding shit down with the mixups I was getting hype as I saw him advance through the bracket.

I see that there is a new team NYC in town, but I can’t see it matching up to the classic. AquaSilk, Rico Suave, LI Joe, Chris hu, and maybe like Javist (I dunno if he is still in EMP?)/damdai. I respect Insaynne on the team though he be getting it in.

AquaSilk should definitely be captain of the NYC team, he has the highest percentage of jumps landed in footsies and Gief ultra’s I’ve personally seen.

Team NYC anything can eat a fat fucking dick.

Tough guy! How many pushups did you do before you said that? :wink:


dictator players for life


Yo why Magman sounding like the lonely joker at Magfest!!!


This is seriously the NYC team? Where’s Chris Hu, Rico, Aqua, LIjoe?

None of them were at this event. it was the top 5 Players from this Battlefield Arcadia

I thought it was top 5 of this BA that are gonna be the NYC team?

edit:K thanks Bisonolopis.

Yeah. Top 5 non EMP members.

Good tourney. I had fun moderating the stream when it was laggy. I’ll be there next time.

I cant be more pleased of one my guys being part of the NYC team. Congrats Inthul!