BattleField Arcadia XI: Rogue Squadron 02/07/10 + SUPER BOWL VIEWING CONFIRMED!

Empire Arcadia’s BattleField Arcadia #XI @ Game’s Station

The First BattleField Arcadia since the departure of the 1st Royal Commander Knight has taken place. Some of New York’s Finest have gathered to compete against the Empire and forge a rebel force strong enough to crush the will of the Empire. Fittingly, BattleField Arcadia X held the largest turn out with 50 competitors which did not include some of the staple players, such as LI Joe, Chris Hu, Javits, Noel Brown, Arturo Sanchez, Aqua Silk, Shine and more. However…a new breed of young warriors step forth in there place showing that a new age of heroes would answer the call.

Insaynne, Inthul, Ben Fong, Rico and Damdai forged team New York and placed top 5 outside of Empire Arcadia’s finest. BattleField Arcadia X introduced and host the first Tatsunoko vs. Capcom tournament in New York City, directed by Keits. Along with the Street Fighter 4 singles and teams, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Tetris the BattleField was set to see which faction would claim siege to the State of New York.

At last the almighty Emperor himself took the BattleField with his 2nd Royal Commander Knight Sanford “Santhax” Kelly and together with Oldschool Gaming Knight Jeron, Empire Arcadia took 1st and 2nd in teams with its secondary unit Smoothviper, DieMinion and Andre. The Emperor then took 1st place as BattleField Arcadia’s 1st Grand Master for Tetris. Sanford and DieMinion took 1st and 2nd for Street Fighter 4 singles shutting out the competition convincingly after almost losing to 2 new rising stars in New York City, “Inthul and Insaynne”.

EMP Mr. Cag and EMP Ghost made short work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by defeating the BattleField Arcadia 9 champions, to take claim as the new champions. Finally after taking a pummeling by Keith’s Empire Arcadia still took 2nd and 3rd through Andre and Sanford in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom shutting out the rebel forces hopes once and for all. In the end…the Empire reigned triumphant.
The smoke has cleared and now the tone is set for the year on the BattleField of Arcadia. The Empire looks to continues its defense of its territory. However admits the shadows of the war torn battle field a new legion of gamers conspire to wage war against the seemingly invincible Empire. Hope of crushing the Empire with Justin Wong no longer on the East Coast were quickly snuffed out as the Empire has won and placed at KIT, Tea Boss Challenge 5, Coney Island Rev 3 and North East Online tournament.

5 new digital warriors prepare themselves for BattleField Arcadia XI in a Exhibition match against the Emperor’s 5 selected Knights. Andre (Bison), Sanford Kelly (Sagat), SmoothViper (Seth), DieMinion (Guile) and Jeron (Chun Li). Will New York’s gamers rise from the ashes of BattleField Arcadia X and take back New York city from the Empire? Will the Empire continue to snuff out the dreams of aspiring gamers in the Tri-State area, conquering all that stands in the way of the Dark Emperor’s will. Find out at BattleField Arcadia XI!

Super Bowl with Pizza and hot wings. Hot sauce provided by Billy Mitchell
Call of Duty: MW2 (Xbox 360) (2v2 Teams)
Tetris Party (Nintendo Wii) Singles
Street Fighter 4 (XBOX 360) (1v1 Singles) (5v5 Exhibition)
TVC (Wii) (1v1 Singles)

Live Stream:

SF4 and TVC: Double Elimination
Winners, Losers and Grand Finals 2 out of 3 matches

Tetris Party: Double Elimination
Rounds (3-5) Winners and Losers (4-7) Grand Finals
Winner of tournament faces Grand Master in (First to 10) for Grand Master Seat. Bonus $50

COD: MW2: Double Elimination
Team Death Match or Demolition (Time 10 minutes) (Score 5,000)
Best 2 out of 3
No Kill Streaks Allowed
Custom Classes Allowed (Bring you hard drive)
Banned from Classes:
No Noobtubes, No RPG’s, No C4’s, No Claymores, No tactical Insertions, No Dual Wielding (akimbo)
AGAIN!!! Bring your own HARD DRIVE
Maps: High Rise, Scrap Yard, Terminal, Invasion,

*Date: February 7th, 2010
Registration will be @ 11:00 a.m
Tournament will begin @ 12:00 p.m (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
Tournament will begin @ 1:00 p.m (Tetris Party)
Tournament will begin @ 2:00 p.m (Street Fighter 4)
Tournament will begin @ 4:00 p.m (TVC)
Exhibition will begin @ 7:00 p.m (Street Fighter 4 5v5)
*Registration will end when the tournament starts.

Hosted @ Game’s Station
6727 Bay Parkway (Between 67th and 68th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11204 (For subway transportation, Take the N Bound train to Coney Island Bound and stop @ Bay Parkway and walk to the left towards 67th)

SF4 and TVC Fee:$10 per player for Tournament Entrance/ (1 time house fee of $10 per player for Cover Charge)

SF4 5v5 Exhibition Fee: FREE

Tetris Party: $5 per player for the Tournament Entrance

COD: MW2 Fee: $10 per player for 2v2 Tournament Entrance/ $10 per player for Cover Charge

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prizes will be paid out in Cash
-(Winner takes all)

Street Fighter 4 Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Street Fighter 4 (5v5 Exhibition) No prize. Community event.

TVC Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Tetris Party Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

BYOC (Bring your own controller).
BYOH (Bring your own headset and Hardrive).

yo tournament was hot u know new heads comin thru holla at cha boi dragongod aka best akuma (besides sanford) ill be there next time to handle u new guyz n whatnots but yea stream was good mad good players n new skillz i was seeings all around so yea u know the deal empire is no 1 anybody still like themselves in marvelcrack ova me holla at cha boi nah means :confused:

Feb. 7th? Nothing going on this Sunday? I got that day off and left my copy of SF4 and my camera charger at the last tournament so I was planning on being in NY anyway.

I need to come to one of these tourneys

I know I’m about to get a lot of hate messages, but I gotta be blunt -

OF COURSE Mr. TriForce IS the absolute authority on competitive video games and we are ALL his followers. He IS the voice of GOD, I mean, look at his Facebook profile picture - ah the spitting image of the LORD himself; he’s not only a self-made hero, or just any other self-elected leader, powered by THE Nitendo Glove (which takes over an hour to put on), TriForce has become the world’s (at least in NYC) self-proclaimed deity. The ARC (where the world’s greatest gamers gather) has quickly become home of the “hungry” (starving) and “thirsty” (desperate).

What would we do without having Mr. TriForce around? He has led SO MANY people to “FAME and GLORY”, he has gotten us SO MUCH “RECOGNITION” from all of us gamers (losers, myself included) and we are all in debt of his good graces. The ARC is NOT ONLY the leading authority and powerhouse in America, it’s also a place of zen and bliss; and believe it or not, NEW WORDS and SLANGs are also produced almost daily. I.C. Pop monsters, Salty, Mortons - ah one could just never get enough of “Mortons”, anytime anyone loses a match (which I guarantee you, happens ALL THE TIME) that person is AUTOMATICALLY without question “Salty” or in the “Morton’s Field”. There’s no “Oh, cool, he beat me” nor “Hmm, I guess I’m not made for this game” but SALTY period.

Well. The Elite of the Elite, Justin Wong - EMPIRE’s favorite son has now deserted the camp and moved to CA.
And now, the rest of the Elite (Sanford, Arturo, Kevin, Andre, Jeron etc) are all fighting to come out of that shadow Justin’s casted over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I know each of these people individually and I enjoy their company, but I have to be completely honest…

Mr. TriForce, as a humble servant and loyal subject, I would like to know why is it always EMP vs the non-EMP? I see the strategy in doing so, I understand the message (which is basically, if you are not EMP, you’re NOT cool like us, either we approve of you and thus you becoming a member or no, we think you SUCK and we WILL CALL you POP MONSTERS) which is even more confusing… because now these so-called POP MONSTERS are automatically named the NYC 5 team that will for some reason, represent everyone else and compete with the ARC 5.

Correctly me if I am wrong, your majesty, my friends (BTW it’s DAMDAI not DAMDIA) Damien, Ben, Danny etc. AKA pop monsters are now representing all of us, even though the only reason you’ve called them POP MONSTERS in the first place was because they have not been able to win any of the Empire Arcadia Tournaments. Another words, you are suddenly validating them and giving them credit only to give yourself (EMPIRE) more credit because you know that they won’t be able to defeat the EMPIRE 5.

I believe this is called a self-fulfilling prophecy? YEAH, that’s exactly what it is. I guess it all make sense now; YOU ARE NOT the voice of GOD, YOU DO NOT speak for all of us, YOU ARE NOT the authority, YOU ARE NOT a leader, YOU ARE NOT important, YOU ARE ordinary and YOU ARE a hack.

The sad part is, you are the only person who hasn’t realized this - wake up from thy dream. My EMP friends are following you, and you’re leading them to their doom. Stop writing meaningless PROLOGUES and EPILOGUES or proclaiming.

Yours truly,

I think I found your charger. So you can come pick it up anytime with your SF4.

I’m picturing cookie monster, but with Otter Pops instead of cookies.

oh mah gah Auto demon = respect

One question…Who’s TriForce? I never heard of him. Seems like you don’t really respect the guy, so maybe just call him TriFarce?

God Andy, you are clearly SALTY that you are not in the ARC. Stop being such a pop monster and level up your akuma so you can escape the mortons bracket of life. :rofl:

Is anyone gonna be there this sunday? If anyone from EMP wants casuals or money matches against me let me know. I was planning on going this weekend but if noones gonna be there I’ll just show up next week. LoL Ryder, you have a tournament on Sunday in NJ? If not if I might be down in your area if I head to NY so I’ll call you and darth to see what you guys are up to. Been dabbling with pad plinking and option selecting so hopefully I have it mastered by Sunday.

Team Easy Coast A vs Team Easy Coast B?

Lol everyone hails the arc. Have you guys ever been there? It’s a run down apartment in one of the WORST parts of Brooklyn. Have fun there guys.

How da hell did you get 50 people to show? I don’t respect EMP but I do respect the tournaments they run.

Whats with all the hate? The prologues are funny.

I was gonna say that too. It took me a while to realize his beef wasn’t with the prologues.

I don’t see the need for you to be flamed. Its a simple misunderstanding on your part of the matter at hand. The colorful metaphors along with the Prologues and Epilogues are simply elements used to entertain the masses and bring hype which is needed to further nourish the scene and keep it going. Just doing our job. Nothing more…nothing less.

Although we’ve moved the Invitationals to BattleField Arcadia XI, you are still welcome to come to the run down apartment which is the ARC and play throughout the day. Although the reality of the situation is that the ARC is a 2 family 4 bedroom house. [media=youtube]F1A6yQAD1ho[/media]

definetly in here, btw isn’t it POT monsters rather than POP monsters