BattleField Arcadia XII: Enemies of the State 03/06/10 Eastern Road to Final Round 13

dammn … i will have to pay for 10 -12 hours of parking??? that’s gonna suck.

Wow, im the only one who liked the tournaments on Sunday. I usually have work Saturday but I’m still hoping I can make it.

Well not really, you can stop feeding the meter at 7PM. And you can always try to find parking in the side streets. They have free parking, and some times dead/failed meters. It’s hard to find parking in front of the store anyways since the OTB draws a lot of people. They gamble their lives away there… o.O

had fun at the last one…good timing tho, a week after GVN, i know salt is gonna be thrown at that tourney lolz…

Sweet i caught the date early on this one. No last minute warnings this time. Good chance illl be there too

btw, I’ve been in the lab for months honing my skills, I plan to win BAXII.

You heard it here first… :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, can anyone go to the arc or do you have to specially be invited or something?

Is/Does TVC start later? Is there gonna be a casual station for it or can i just show up at like 7ish and be good? Keep bootman informed.

yo tfgm it would be hot to try out mbaa being that its an evo major now. im in there either way!

Melty blood is something that should be put into consideration for the tournaments. What is your verdict on this?

TvC is usually the last tourney to start cuz there is only one CRT with the Wii and they run the Tetris tourney first, also 1 CRT & 1 Wii = No casual matches… except for the ones ppl sneak in between tourney matches :xeye:… So TvC start time is dependant on Tetris’s start time and entry numbers

So since this is suposed to be all 2v2 tournies anyone looking for a partner in tetris and tvc? :bgrin:

I think you should add Melty. The game just made it to Evo and I think we should try to help push the melty scene as much as possible.

so Tri is it 2v2?

If i bring another setup can me and a couple friends get venue fee waved?

I could also use a partner too. Let me know.

me and the nyc tekken crew will be their!!

uhh didnt mean to quote since the new layout i dont know how to do regular post, yes im dumb.

triforce we are all up for running that game we discussed with D1 and i pmed u about just giv eus th eok, we are grateful u wanna help us out!!!

BattleField Updated. Enjoy the hype.

You’d havta talk to TriForce about that… and it looks like he changed his mind about it being 2v2

Just to give everyone a update, the reason why I canceled the 2v2 option is because there are too many tournaments to make the entire event a 2v2. So I’m making plans to use BattleField Arcadia XIII a teams tournament. If anything we can make it a 2 day event? (Saturday and Sunday)

in there for sure. looking to make first tourny appearance.