BattleField Arcadia XII: Enemies of the State (Results)

Street Fighter 4

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
2nd - Rahsaan (Empire)
3th - Kreymore (Empire)
4th - Aqua
45h - Mariodood
5th - Aulord
7th - Shine
7th - InsaynNe


  • Grandmaster Seat Defense 3 (TriForce -Empire- 10 vs Stephine 2)

1st - Stehanie
2nd - Kreymore (Empire)
3rd - Keyboard Cat
4th - Mega Man Steve
5th - Matt chew
5th - Chung
7th - DVOA Persia (Empire)
7th - Knightmare (Empire)

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (Singles)

1st - NYC Fab (Empire/4H)
2nd - FightingGm (Empire/4H)
3rd - Blood Hawk
4th - Fernando Febles (Empire)
5th - The Real Law (Empire/4H)
5th - Rami (Canada/MTL)
7th - FBI (TNY)
7th - Maddock (TNY)

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (3v3 Teams)

1st - 4H: Fighting GM (Empire), NYC Fab (Empire) and The Real Law (Empire)
2nd - Disney Channel: Renikon, Blood Hawk and Achilles
3rd - Manly Man Man: Potato Brain, Izzy, OniJin
4th - Team NY: Maddox, FBI, The Game (Empire)

Naruto 3:

1st - Bad Fish
2nd - Tai Huhygai
3rd - Cypher
4th - Firey Ice
5th - Rocky Lighting
5th - Abyss Onen
7th - InsaynNe
7th - Miles

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  • God Seat Defense 1 (IFC Yipes -Empire/DeadCell- 10 vs Xecutioner -Empire/$yndicate- 9)

1st - Xecutinoer (Empire/$yndicate)
2nd - Smoothviper (Empire/Dead Cell)
3rd - Mega Man S.
4th - Liston
5th - Justin
5th - Mike Infinite
7th - Jason
7th - Jason C

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

1st - Basic Sausage
2nd - Andre Lambert (Empire)
3rd - Jalen
4th - Megaman Steve
5th - Tai Huhygai
5th - Bad Fish
7th - Ben Fong
7th - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)

Congrats to all the EMP members that did well. Hope to see the Dark Valkyries do better at the next battlefield.

dissapointed. Nuff said


how would i know where i placed in this tournement? I’m the Vega player named Sintros :slight_smile:

You would know if triforce had used tonamento. :wtf:

aulord ran me over =)

Don’t worry…Console Warzone is in there today.

Hey - my girlfriend won Tetris and you guys spelled her name wrong twice now! It’s STEPHANIE. =P

surprised I did well after just starting to get back in the groove of things. GGs and good seeing familiar faces. Shine you got me definitely. I really didn’t expect you to pull that with gouken good shit.

Shout outs to AquaSilk’s TE stick, best one I ever used lol.

Good shit, Jalen!!!

Fun tourny fun fun!!! i wish i could train with empire in tvc T_T once you guys actually practice comboes ya guna be on top for sure :< playing andre is always fun XD sorry if i made a wrong impression by acting big and saying i know more, its just how i feel about tekkamanblade really but i should listen more to what you have to say cuz u do have more experience then me.

Correction made. I apologize about that. I’m just going on how it was written on the paper.

Vega player, I’ll ask John to post FULL tournament results when he gets a chance. Cut me some slack Damdai, I actually don’t like doing Tonamento when your not around. I made sure to save the full stats so we can add it later if you want.

Ah today was $yndication at its fnest…good shit

I hope someone recorded Marvel GF. Great to hear Xecutioner doing the business in Marvel again. Good shit Smoothviper.

yo gg guys even though i flopped and got 9th or 13th i still had a lot of fun

mariodood: good shit getting 5th you were on a roll.
niightmare: your a cool dude man i didnt even know
tecno from the bx: gs reppin that rose man ill see you on xbl
hold dat: damn ni99a you disappeared

i guess youll have to enter all tfgm tourneys for him to use a more efficient system damdai. i dont see what is there not to like about it. maybe you dont like that it does all the work for you? in your last tourney, i didnt have to fight sanford, Andre or Rahsaan in round 1 for the first time ever in your tourneys. i wonder if a random bracket had anything to do with it? : /

“yo citiofbrass, you got 2 options: you can fight Andre or you can go to the losers bracket…” WTF?

im not gonna wet it though. what competitive person would want to fight fluff.

tonamento + frame-advantage = needed… that is all :tup:


We have most of the matches. I’m going to upload them tonight and post them up between now and all of Sunday. Stay tuned.

The Good:
I was very pleased to see the unification of several fighting game communities all at one event having fun. Naruto, SF4, T6, TVC and MVC2. Even better, is the versatility of the fighters who actually play games other than fighters. BattleField Arcadia XII is the first tournament that we have a female champion in Tetris. After looking up the results Steph, got 2nd at the first Tetris tournament. I think she is the gamer to beat at this game.

The Bad:
This will be Call of Duty’s last tournament. Due to failing attendance and lack of communication with the community we are swapping the game out for Halo 3 (2v2). If attendance is excellent for this game, Game Pad owner John will get the equipment to set up BattleField Arcadia Halo 3 (4v4). However lets see how this works first at BattleField Arcadia XIII. Also we will be adding Mario Kart as our next genre game for BattleField. I’ll put out a poll to find out what you guys would prefer. PS* which Mario Kart is optional. MK 64, MK DD, MK Wii or MK DS. (DS would be good because it could be the BattleField’s first hand held platform. (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and DS ???)

The Ugly:
Marvel community you’re bordering from playfully rowdy to loud and ghetto. You guys we pushing over the Naruto fighters and taking up the space given to them. Now play nice. Also…we don’t want to see the Marvel Community burn out like this…the game is in EVO, Blue J, Josh, Jason Hall…CTF where the hell are you guys at. Come on man…let’s keep the community running.

Outside of that…thank you all for coming out. You’ve made BattleField Arcadia XII is the most successful BattleField to date with 80 gamers in attendance. Thank you Canada for coming down. That’s godlike that you guys came down to Battlefield and put life back into the T6 scene in NYC. Unfortunately the BattleField was not able to do that in the past but what’s important is not who gets the job done but as long as the job gets done.

The problem with tonamento is that you can not enter late players period. The lack of that option brings about several issues.

#1. If for any reason admin which is myself or Gamepad forgets to write you name into Tonamento, once the tournament starts unless Damdai hacks into his own system from the back end to try to squeeze you in, you can’t enter the tournament. example: If I had used Tonamento, then you and the two other guys that came later in the tournament would not have a option to go to losers or play Andre. You just couldn’t enter the tournament period. The tournament had already started and John came and told me that you and 2 other guys were late and asked if I had any space to put you guys in. We had already started in round 2 but there were some byes left in round 1 at the bottom of the bracket so I saw that I could squeeze you guys in the tournament. John told me that the other two were good. All that was left was you. Andre was dead last at the bottom of the bracket and the only 1 with a bye. So it was either face him because of a “Winners” spot open or you would have to start off in the losers bracket. I was not being malicious, just giving you the only two options that were available. Tonamento does not give any options.

#2. Tonamento does not seed players by BattleField events it seeds players based on National results. For instance, at BattleField Arcadia, Andre has done better than Rashaan, but over all Rashaan has felt that he wins more than Andre. I don’t know what is what but based on BattleField Arcadia, Andre has entered more and won more than Rashaan, however clearly Rashaan did better than Andre at BFA XII. Players start to then argue with me about who they think is better, yada yada yada.

#3. Community directors that know more about the players can not set up brackets or float should there be any discrepancies. Although no one should be able to do so, there are times when it is necessary, an Edit option is needed in Tonamento. Late Entry and Floats are important to correct human error to make the tournament fair for others and things of that nature. This option should at the very least made available to the site master in case of emergency.

Tonamento is godlike in my opinion but it lacks certain options that I would like to have on deck to solve problems should they come up. As I said if Damdai was here I would have used it because if a problem did occur then he could just help me fix it. I’m not experienced yet with his system. Thus being that I was the only one managing the brackets of 7 tournaments, I decided to keep it simple and stick to what I know works. At BattleField Arcadia Special if Damdai is available I will run Tonamento, if he is then there are going to be a lot of people that are not going to be in the tournament. Late arrivals…you’re done and that is not because I want to dead you, Tonamento is going to dead you and when it happens because it has happened before I just don’t want people coming up to me asking me “Yo TriForce come on man I know you can do something”. The reality is I can’t.

O_O!!! DESMON the beast fuckkkkk!

footage ASAP!

Meh and no sanford in mvc2? ;[

Sanford i’m coming for you in SF4 believe that.