BattleField Arcadia XII: Enemies of the State (Results)

This was a good tourney and fun. I had a lot of fun at the tourney. though I was wondering Triforce if you had the full results for Naruto and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. if you could post it that would be good.

also one thing that I didn’t like about the tourney was that some people were saying that Naruto sucks and that it’s a trash game and whatnot. I mean we aren’t dissing your games, so why you dissing ours? some people even said TVC sucks, but i mean idk. guess some people don’t think other fighting games are serious and only see like the Street Fighters or MVC as competive or whatnot.

oh also the guy in 2nd place in Naruto’s name is TaiHyuga, but it’s a easily made mistake, just telling ya.

Late entrants and floating compromises the integrity of the tournament and invalidates the results. For example if a top seed arrives after the tournament has already started, he would have to be shoehorned into a bye that was given to another top seed. This will cause one of the top seeds to lose early, negatively affecting his ranking. Late entrants must call ahead. We have to kill this expectation that people can show up hours after posted start times and be ok. For undisputed seeding we need a strict system that removes the biased human element.

Can you please drop Halo 2v2 and just add more tv’s for SF4. More and more people come for SF4 each Battlefield. It would be a lot easier / faster to run the main tournament if we had 1 or 2 more tv’s. With two TV’s and over 50 players no matter how fast you can run the brackets, SF4 will take over 8 hours each tournament. Adding 1 or 2 more tv’s will reduce this number to a fourth or a half. Just a suggestion though. I know there are some Halo heads in NYC and I actually support the game too but something has to give.

damdai , too many big words :rofl: i’ll rephrase it in arcadian terminology.
yo if niggaz are showin up late to tourneys they shouldnt get any special privileges cuz it fucks up the brackets. stop playing favoritez and just start the tourney on time.

fixed :wink:

this is the type of thing I’m talking about, people acting like Street Fighter is the only important game and everything else is garbage or whatnot. it’s very disrespectful and hurts the fighting game community a lot.

Shit, double dash? I used to be good at that game, but im guessing items would be turned off for the same reason they do in brawl. But then whats the point in playing Mario Kart. Fuck it, Crash Team Racing for everyone.

i agree with damdai and javits on this one. that shit was exhausting staying there for that long. To the point where it was frustrating to the point where i was trying to jump in and get in on zangief…yea right.

lol, that aint nothin. i was fallin asleep playing 1 of my matches. ggs everyone btw, see ya at the next one

Good tourney. GGs everyone.

SF4 REALLY needs more TVs, though. It’s not even about SF4 being better than the other games, its that we Street Fighters show up in droves and we get the same number of TVs as some of the other games (or one more TV). If we got 2 extra TVs we could finish up a lot faster and then those TVs could be used for the other games. Maybe we could even get some other games on the stream.

I damn near had Desmond in MvC2…I was mad hungry, did anyone get those matches? … Happy to see some comp in tetris, never got to play Stefanie myself tho, ggs to nightmare n keyboard… those were some intense games of blocks… Yeah Infinite, you got me in SF4, but u know you was super mortons bout MvC2, I got you to be quiet… QUEENZZ FTW

…oh yea n once again… felt like i was gunna die by the time TvC came around, full day pllayin in 4 tournies, felt like i was running the fuckin gaunlet… I knew I shouldnt a entered, I was gettin mixed the fuck up, no charge nesssicary, still up in the air if this game is gunna catch on n if its worth practicing… I mean its been out for a month or so n it has only like 2 more entrants then its 10 yr old predecessor… <.< ?

Tforce you already know about the Marvel crew (ie: Mostly Greg + E&J ) being super rowdy… N you know marvel players need to hit the deck when they play, kinda hard to do wedged between the Naruto crowd n Seb, and when I say crowd, i mean the just the crowd… if it was only the two people playing Naruto, it wouldnt have been a prob, but people where steppin on me while I was playin to watch that shit, that shit aint cool, respect the people actually playing damnit

EDIT: My vote is MARIOKART 64

I can agree with this statement, as people need to grow up and get to places on time. If not possible, give the tourney runner a heads-up.

You’d call ahead to your place of employment if you were running late, so why not pay the same courtesy to friends?

gg’s to all i played…

Seth owns my soul. fighting him is so annoying. causes me to do really stupid shit. but its fun chasing him around though. i had to dip early to handle some bidness. Andy…holla at me

Adnan…nice match we had. ill try to get revenge next time

there wasn’t just 2 people playing Naruto dude. and TVC is way better than Marvel dude.

oh also I think next time you should try to hold Melty Blood, but try to tell them more ahead of time or something ikd.

Working on it, sorry I didn’t post it as I got back to the ARC last night I just fell out.

When are you coming back to the ARC?

I’ll ask John to post the full results of all the tournaments today. Also ignore the stuff about this game sucks and that game sucks. Being that I’ve been in almost every type of gaming communities from Halo to Yu-gi-oh, those communities literately think that fighters are a bunch of poor ghetto kids play children because they suck at shooters. Each community has some form of arrogance like that. When I started the Empire back in 84 (which wasn’t even called the Empire then) We played everything and to us it was about who was more versatile. So being good at Bubble Bobble or Strider, Operation Wolf, Outrun and Tetris (all arcade games) meant you were one of the best “GAMERS” around.

Because you were played so many different games we met more and more gamers and expanded our community in the Bronx. When I got older I met guys like Sanford, Justin, Jeron, etc and you’d be surprise they actually play other games “GODLIKE” its just that fighting games make them money and they don’t look down on other games. If people did the real homework on the Empire they would know that guys like Sanford, Justin and company went with me to MAGFEST to play “EVERYTHING” and we were beastly at it too. So…don’t worry about what they think, I’m going to support “EVERYONE” that is the goal of the Empire and as long as I’m in charge of the Empire there will be a home for any competitive gaming community that is looking for a way to foster there community.

PS: Personally…I dislike fighting games and its no secret but I can appreciate the players, the skill level and the goal, so I put my personal feelings to the side and get to work to help the over all goal. Can’t say the same about other though.

You’re right Damdai, and I don’t disagree. I told you that tonamento is Godlike but it needs editing options “JUST IN CASE”. I said this to you face to face at battlefield. You never know what can happen. Also for undisputed seeding no system created (NOW) will remove the biased human element. A human made the system to begin with. In order for you to even come CLOSE you will have to track down every tournament that meets a “CRITERIA” in terms of attendance and result and “UPDATE” tonamento. I’m like come on… Sanford #1 Seed? Marn top 3? It is already biased based on the human element that you can’t get to there tournament to use to Tonamento to create the “Undisputed Seeding”. This is “NOT” to say that you are doing it on purpose, I’m just explaining my point that removing the human element is not possible at this time and through this system. Tonamento is a better option yes… but it needs work and editing options are one of them.

As for the community coming late, heh…that needs a tremendous amount of work, but this is the part when I believe that people need to keep things in perspective. Please note that things happens to people and because of that some of them being late can not be helped. Its not like its 1 or 2 people holding up the tournament. Its more like 10 to 15. Trains delays is the common cause. That hurts the tournament because you lose a lot of players. If your system had a edit option for late players (providing that they call and let me know, post on SRK or something) then this can help. It doesn’t solve the problem but it helps.

SF4 will have a standard of 4 displays from now on. The community here in NYC has grown beyond the use of 2 or even 3 so you don’t have to worry about 6 to 8 hour tournaments.

Jav1ts I don’t play favorites with the players in the community. Of course I want Empire to win but they’re not the ones coming late every tournament. They’re there on time. I sign them up before coming because they leave 1 hour behind me. The last 4 BattleField I now arrive at the venue at 11am. I’m there before EVERYONE now and I sit and wait patiently. I’m just giving the community a chance to grow. You guys have to learn to foster things and stop being so ridged and overly strict…or your going to “OVER PARENT” the community and create a negative effect. That is not to say that we should spoil them but “slowly but surely”.

I feel you on that, trust me. Although SF4 is the main game I hate the fact that they look down on other games. You should see the COD, Halo and CS gamers. They do the same to SF4. Its all stupid to be honest with you. I remember when Smash Bros brought it HUNDREDS of gamers and stupid fighting gamers are like “Get that kiddie crappy stuff out of here. Its not a real fighting game.” Its so funny because when I look at Street Fighter people saying that, in my mind I’m like…“Real Fighting game…how many of you guys play Virtua Fighter. Heh…kids, what a joke.” So just ignore them, that’s all you can do. They’re entitled to their opinion.

I’ll keep it in mind.

4 displays for SF4 so this problem will not happen again Shine.

4 Displays.

Trust me, I know Seb hates 12 midnight departures so we are running 4 sets from now on.

Yeah I understand.

… sighs … You guys are acting like its the same set of people coming late. It changes you know. People have girls, jobs, family, church then you have delays, traffic etc. What we have to do is leave just a little bit of room for people. A solution is a start time and 4 sets to match. So what I’m going to do is start SF4 at 2pm as usual and then there is a 60 minute delay providing calls. During that time we can run exhibitions or anything. 3pm we start with 4 display set and the tournament should finish in 4 hours TOPS which would be 7pm if not sooner. I will test this at BattleField Arcadia Special. So Seb you can come at 2pm or 2:30pm depending on how much time you want to use to set up. This way you are not wasting your time. That is more than enough time for anyone to get to BattleField. Also note this is only for SF4. All the other games do not have this problem.

I actually do agree with all of that Triforce. I mean being good at so many games and just being a good gamer. I respect ya a lot Triforce and thanks for the words of encouragement and stuff.

thx for the explinantion triforce i didnt know tonamento couldnt add late entries. but now the idea of letting you know in advance for l;ate entries have been brought to your attention it maybe easier to use tonemento now right?

That’s not how I meant for that to come out. I play other many other genre’s competitively besides Street Fighter. The main point was to elaborate on the fact that more tv’s need to be used for Street Fighter due to the turnout for the game. I personally don’t think Halo should be ran due to how many other games are being run at this tournament though. I respect having multiple games being run at the same time but honestly there ain’t a lot of space at this venue for all the games that are being run but; in all fairness if people whom support the game is going to come play in order to get better and strengthen the community for the game in NYC then it is a good thing.

Nonetheless if Halo is there I will enter that tournament. Sorry if if my comment was disrespectful to you or anybody else. =/

damdai gets 2 thumbs up for that post because thats exactly what i was thinking the moment i read triforces reasons for not using it…and lmao at javits

At BattleField 9 when Damdai first showed me Tonamento he told me about all of its functions. I told him that I would love to test it out at BattleField Arcadia X. When we did that problem came up. I requested that a edit option be put in because using it would be GODLIKE. However since then no edit option has been put in. This is why I didn’t use it at XII, that and the fact that he was not here to supervise that I use it properly.

Now I know someone is thinking…hey the site is so simply to use blah blah blah…I’m a simple man. I like things simple and effective and with everyone asking me questions, getting Seb his matches for live stream, eating, drinking, coaching, up dating online through facebook, twitter, and SRK and then managing the other brackets…see the issue here. Damdai…please add an edit option and late entries in only “BYE” spot and I’ll use Tonamento for the rest of BattleField.

Im happy to see battlefield started offering mvc2 again. Good shit triforce:tup:. If you can, upload some of those videos to my new social/video network. Check your pm tri!