BattleField Arcadia XIII: The Final Fight! 04/03/10

On the 20th day on the 3rd month of the year 2010, the Dark Emperor of Arcadia summoned 4 Valkyries to the battlefield to join their brother Knights in the heated fray of combat. The 2nd Royal Commander Knight (Sanford) commanded the 1st unit backed by Hiro (Jeron) and StarySlay3r (Ciji). They led the battle in four forces of three. However they along with MW2 Command Yipes 2nd unit was cut down early in an ambush. Yipes, Jago (Andre) along with Dark Valkyrie Persia faced off against Ben Fong’s team which utterly decimated.

The Empire’s forces were cut in half and left units 3 and 4 to pull up the rare for the Empire in battle. With insurmountable presure being put on captain’s Kreymore and Lincoln “DragonGod” Morris Dark Valkyrie’s Brynhild and Rozemaiden stood fast in their resolve along with Remedy and Arturo to hold the last line of defense for the Empire. The Dragon God’s team was put on the brink of defeat 3 times and each time the Dragon God dug deep down and found the strength to over power all three units defeating 9 warriors alone.

The last line of defense was unit 4. The twin brother of Dieminion who took top 8 at the World Gaming Cup, the Emperial Mage of Arcadia Kreymore, leveled the entire battlefield with the spell “confuse”. Mixing his enemies up gave Kreymore the advantage needed to dispatch the enemies of the Empire, leaving virtually no reason for Arturo to unsheathe his virtual blade. Elsewhere on the battlefield the no signs of enemies were located as Kreymore and Yipes vanquished all other forces in the only other competition left. Both Kreymore and Yipes eventually came face to face with the Dark Emperor himself in a 2 on 1, but yield and knelt before the power of the Emperor of Arcadia.

As the Dark Emperor surveyed the battlefield and watched the blood of the Empire’s enemies soak into the land, he gathered his forces and returned to the ARC. The Dark Emperor knew of an assault that would come from the North and began to fortify a unit of Dark Valkyries and Knight FightingGM to fend off the 20,000 plus gamers at PAX East that would invade the North. This would leave the Empire State vulnerable to a rebel ambush. The Dark Emperor then stationed Arturo and Kreymore at the ARC to guard the Empire State during the Emperor’s leave.

The Dark Emperor then called forth from West Coast the 1st Royal Commander Knight “Justin Wong” to return to the Empire State to join him in the battle up North. Also summoned to the battlefield from across the great nation was Prod1gy X to join the Emperor on such as special mission. 2nd Royal Commander Santhrax pulled up the rare with Jago and Yipes. At PAX the 1st Royal Commander Knight cut down over 100 warriors alone to win Street Fighter 4. Prod1gy took 2nd in DJ Hero, while the Dark Emperor perfected Tetris in a single elimination tournament.

Back in the Empire State, as anticipated warriors from around the Empire State finally came out of hiding and went to the BattleField figuring that with the Empire away they could put the competition “ON BLAST”. They could never be more wrong. Arturo and Evil Rahsaan rose from the shadows of the battlefield and cut down all the enemies of the Empire and stood a top the corps of the cowardly who’ve avoided previous battles with excuses. Their houses of failure instantly crumbled on the bricks of excuses they’ve previously used in the past. As the Dark Emperor returned to the ARC victorious from its battle up North, Arturo brought back the spoils of war from his battles as a donation to the BattleField Arcadia XIII. The Dark Emperor, annoyed at the cowardly behavior of the Empire’s enemies now ransoms the money won from “On Blast” as a 3rd place prize at BattleField Arcadia XIII. Also… 3rd place will be bestowed the power to ban one Knight or Valkyrie from BattleField XIV. With Super Street Fighter 4 looming over the horizon this will be the final fight in Street Fighter 4.

With the new battlefield set…the Empire awaits the arrival of the growing east coast warriors.

Live Stream:

SF4, TVC, and MVC 2: Double Elimination
Winners, Losers and Grand Finals 3 out of 5 matches

Special Rules: *Naruto
Double Elimination
3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches, Winners, Losers and Grand Finals 3 out of 5 matches.
All Characters Eligible

Any glitch that causes irregular game play or causes the game to freeze will result in a disqualification of that match. NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES!!! Hidan Eight gate glitch will result in the forfeit of the round since this glitch can be fixed. If this move is done in the second round it will result in disqualification. NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES!!!

Although all controller set ups are allowed, you must remove your batteries from your classic controller and Wii remote in front of the organizer. This is to prevent cheating in others matches or interference in other matches, if u are caught interfering with someones match or cheating for someone then you and the player that you were cheating for will both be disqualified, removed from the tournament, venue and you will not be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES!!! You’ve been warned!

Additional rules:
99 seconds
Stage switch Off
Obstacles Off
Latent Ninja Powers On

Tetris Party: Double Elimination
Rounds (2-3) Winners and Losers (3-5) Grand Finals
Winner of tournament faces Grand Master in (First to 10) for Grand Master Seat. Bonus $50

*Date: April 03 rd, 2010
Registration will be @ 10:00 a.m
Tournament will begin @ 12:00 p.m (???) - Tournament Proc TFGM
Tournament will begin @ 1:00 p.m (Tetris Party) - Tournament Proc TFGM
Tournament will begin @ 1:30 p.m (Naruto) - Tournament Proc D1 or Bad Fish
Tournament will begin @ 2:00 p.m (Street Fighter 4) Tournament Proc TFGM
Tournament will begin @ 2:30 p.m (Marvel vs. Capcom 2) - Tournament Proc TFGM
Tournament will begin @ 3:00 p.m (Tatsunoko vs Capcom) - Tournament Proc TFGM

Registration will end when the tournament starts.

Hosted @ Game’s Station
6727 Bay Parkway (Between 67th and 68th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11204 (For subway transportation, Take the N Bound train to Coney Island Bound and stop @ Bay Parkway and walk to the left towards 67th)

SF4, Naruto, MVC2 and TVC Fee:$10 per player for Tournament Entrance/ (1 time house fee of $10 per player for Cover Charge)

Tetris Party: $5 per player for the Tournament Entrance

Street Fighter 4 Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Prizes will be paid out in Cash (100%)* Winner Takes All
*God Seat Mode: Winner of the tournament faces IFC Yipes for an additional $50.00. Tournament winnings are not at risk.
Banned from actual tournament - **IFC Yipes and Sanford Kelly
-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Naruto Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

TVC Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Tetris Party Prizes will be paid out in Cash (1st 100%)

-(Winner Takes all)

hmm i might not be able to make this one due to this is my birthday month and my boss might not give me off for this, we will see though!!! ill keep ya updated.


Triforce: Good shit man. Only the brave have enough courage, trying to TRULY unite competitive fighting game communities…outside the norm.

I wish u guys luck.


Lets get HD Remix going in this tournament! No reason for it NOT to be there… Time to revive the ST/HD scene for NY again

Doyle brothers, FlashG WHATS UP!?

actually triforce imnot sure this date would work out for a lot of people, i know i cant make it due to it being easter weekend, i am forced to work and spend time with family, is it possible to make this the week after? i think that being after easter will help out people a lot, not just for work, but at leats a lot of people i know cant or dont do anything else on easter weekend other than easte rstuff.

Ok Jeron, I’m adding HD remix but you’ll be responsible for getting the community to come out and support the game. This is the opportunity I hope they take it. Also I’m looking to change the date because this event is during Easter. I want to make sure that this is going down well.

Alright I have to reschedule teams into a separate event because Easter Sunday is on the 4th of April. BFA XIII will be a one day event.

Post on for the smash community and although i think if u make it melee>brawl then ud get a fixed amount of ppl

should’ve joined into tetris I think I could’ve won and I’m feeling oh so salty about my SF4 catastrophe… I mean my losses

this one will be different

Sweet. Will try to come to this and take first in TvC :slight_smile:

Night Elf I respect that XD. Can’t wait to see you show off again :stuck_out_tongue:

Tri is the 4 v4 Halo3 is going to hosted in this Battlefield? Im going by the results thread from Battlefild XII and it was mentioned in there.


Woo Third Strike!

Have you guys considered moving MvC2 to Xbox360 or PS3? I’ll always love the dreamcast/arcade version the best, but it seems at this point the only hope of the game continuing is with the xbox or ps3 version, plus the ports are pretty damn good. Since EVO is the ps3 version, shouldn’t we change all tournies?

I cant make it…Anime Boston weekend.

i know this may not be popular, but since evo has moved to the ps3 for marvel, and mwc has followed suit, i just wanted to suggest you do marvel on x360 on ps3. after all, it’s these big shows that we’re trying to prepare for. i think other tournies should use the new standard, and maybe you might even get some new competitors. just a suggestion

if the team tournament is gonna be canceled, will there be a rescheduling for it or is it just replaced with this?

and yesssss 3s!!! i asked this in the other thread but how can we be sure that these tournaments will be ran? (EX: would it depend on the amount of entrants)

if the team tournament is gonna be canceled, will there be a rescheduling for it or is it just replaced with this?

and yesssss 3s!!! i asked this in the other thread but how can we be sure that these tournaments will be ran? (EX: would it depend on the amount of entrants)

Depending on how Halo 3 goes at BattleField Special will determine if it will be 2v2 or 4v4. Turn out is an issue so if you know people who want to play in NYC please re post this tournament information to them. Rules will be posted after BattleField Arcadia Special. I will be following MLG format for Halo 3.

After BattleField Arcadia Special, MVC2 will be run on Xbox 360 or PS3 depending on which I have available at the time. Thus Marvel will be on the next gen for BattleField XIII.

I answered your question in the quote above.

All tournaments are subject to cancellation based on attendance. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike will be held.