BattleField Arcadia XIII: The Final Fight! 04/03/10


3rd stirke…lets get it

can i get a run back against Seth??? That character needs to be banned…because he annoys me. But yeah Mike i wanna run that back


Thanks and thats a plus!


ehh… I have something to do saturdays now that I gotta go to, so the change has been strangely bad to me =/ I might make it though, come to rep some fei. Besides this seems to be the last BA bfor super comes out, might as well play it to it’s max


thanks for the response, triforce. so just to be clear, this BFA, numebr 13, is going to be next gen console for marvel? cause you still have “arcade” written at teh top


Mister Silven sir. i hope we dont play each other in the tournament. I do however want to play you Mister Basic sir.


I say, if at least Chris comes by, that’d be good enough for me…Don’t forget NH2 and myself to mix in the best 8…Or would u wanna run back that tourney we had about a year ago in Cititech, Jeron? =P

@ Hold Dat: Straight up 3S…Can’t lie, that’s all but runnin the GGPO matches in my head day in and day out.

I’ll try to make it for this tournament…It should be good.



Changes made. It will be on the PS3 to prepare people for Evo.


thanks triforce. this may be my first tourney since evo 2k2 hahaha


oof PS3 marvel… Its gunna be fun hearing the amount of complaints during the tourney about x-y-z should or shouldnt have happened in arcade/dc… and im sure some will be from me too

But… I guess Ps3 is the only route the game has thanks to Evo, Its just hard having to decide between the game being dead or having a subpar port…


I’m going to be down in NYC that weekend so I may show up :tup:

What time do you guys normally start/finish?


hahaha i think the choice is easy. anything is better than dead


So,…where’s the hype for this again? __ And how does the TvC turnout usually look?


Hey Triforce,
What’s the situation on TV’s and consoles this time around for the SF4 matches? With so many people showing up last time, the whole thing really dragged itself out longer then anyone expected (what was it, like 50+ people! :stuck_out_tongue: )
Are you expecting less entrants, more machines, any news?

Thanks man


Usually 10ish entrants… give or take… I feel like sf4 has all the thunder, cuz this game isnt catching on like I hoped it would


i’ll be there to body some cats chemist4hire style “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”


It wouldn’t make sense to support the scene with the version of the game that is no longer in competition so it has to go the way of the PS3.

We start at 2pm and now that we use all 4 TV’s we end at 7pm

Last TV turn out was 14 people and that’s its average as well.

More people will show up as usual. There are more set up’s for SF4 now so we don’t have to wait for matches. As it did the last time Seb got there at 3pm we started and finished by 7ish - 8. I’m going to be writing the Prologue and Epilogue soon. I’ve just been busy with PAX East.

Finally, back in action.


This tourny is still on 4/3/10


The tournament is still on. I just got back from PAX East last night and now I’m working on the drama and hype for the tournament. Additional Drama and hype will be provided by the Drama King himself “Arturo”.


Ahhh yes of course after playing Super at pax i wonder why i am even going to show up to this one but then i remember its because i love you guys, so i wanna see some faces because this battlefield is my retirement from street fighter 4 (not super ! just this one) but after this im done with street fighter 4 and i wanna concentrate on super.


TPH Itachi

I’ve been told to go from many but in my first battlefield i didnt fare well with the Tv’s…Regardless i feel i cant miss the last sf4 tourney no matter what the circumstance’s…ill be there!!!