BattleField Arcadia XIII: The Final Fight Results


Street Fighter 4

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
2nd - Peter “Flash Metroid” Susini (Empire)
3rd - Chris Hu
4th - Mike Infinite
5th - Crazy Salvi
5th - SmoothViper (Empire)
7th - Rahsaan (Empire)
7th - Aulord

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1st - SmoothViper (Empire) *Win using PS3 pad vs. all opponents sticks.
2nd - Arthur
3rd - Liston
4th - Mike Infinite
5th - Alex
5th - David Wang
7th - Megaman Steve
7th - ???


  • Grandmaster Seat Defense 4 (TriForce -Empire- 10 vs Stephanie 3)

1st - Stephanie
2nd - Chase
3rd - Wayne
4th - Matt chew
5th - Megaman Steve
5th - Jamie
7th - Devin “Dstyels” Harris (Empire)
7th - Specter


Stephanie holding it down again in Tetris :tup:.


lol u forgot my tag triforce its Devin “Dstyles” Harris thnx


This was my first tournament in almost 9 years and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for putting it together triforce.

Also, just some gossip, there was a player from Mexico City there who mained Rufus. He was pretty good, he didn’t get ranked in the SF4 tournament but that’s cause he faced Sanford early (possibly first match) in winners, then Rahsaan immediately afterwards in losers.

-David Wang


I know, I found out who he was when the bracket was set. I wish I would have known earlier because I would have given him a better welcome. Sanford said that he’s godlike. I hope that he is still around I would like to invite him to China Town to come out and see the gamers. I really need to speak to him. Do you have his contact information? The Empire needs someone in Mexico.


Felt like shit and played like shit today. Too inconsistent for my own satisfaction. Cant wait to abuse broken shit in SSF4 next Battlefield. I say shit alot


Sorry, I didn’t catch his information. His name was David and he told me his xbox gamertag but I forgot. He said he reads SRK so hopefully he’ll chime in and you can get in contact with him.


actually found this in the other thread.


Thanks. I sent him a message.


So i hear im banned from the next battlefield since ive won 6 singles sf4 tourneys in a row…is this true?


LOL @ tetris


What happened to that little kid who came in and beat like 90% of the people who appear in those videos that Empire puts out talking about how everyone sucks?


You talking about Shine he probably couldn’t make it to this one.


i have Gama’s number (the guy from mexico). you should invite him to the arc triforce. he will be here till next monday.

i actually had fun at this one because of the casuals afterwards. i kinda wish i can play one more tourney before super. imma miss this sf4 honestly. where can you get the full results for damdai?


not banned from battlefield, but banned from entering SF4. There’s always Tekken and Naruto that you can play =)


Entertaining matches. Tough luck to rahsaan though. Seems like just a really off day. Still GDLK though with about 75% of the roster.


Had a lot of fun. Great to see everyone. Rhys, our match was epic as hell.

See you all next time/at CF.


wow i forgot how much fun this was! it was my first tourney since the first evo in 2k2 hahaha. it was great to see some old faces again: eric, liston, sanford, rahsaan, mike, and triforce. arthur, it was good to put a face to a name finally. you’re not even joking about playing on an etch-a-sketch are you? this guy can adapt to any input method hahaha. hope some others that didn’t show will be there next time. thanks everyone for a great time :wgrin:


As always had hella fun… wasnt as hype as some of the past few arcadias but thats cuza easter weekend/wcw going on so its all good… Cuz i know ppl will be in there for the next one with SUPER… And im still disgusted at playin MvC2 on PS3… after ten years its frustrating as hell to be missing simple things like ahvb…but guess jus gotta go wit the flow… still cant believe erik really held it down on that damn pad… good stuff… oh and Seb messing around with the stream like with the “hu r u” image… GAWDLIKE



…? Whoa.