BattleField Arcadia XIV: The New Challengers 04/25/10 *SSF4


After yet another victorious BattleField the 2nd Royal Commander returned back to the ARC with his fellow Knights of Arcadia. Winning his 6th straight BattleField in a row Santhrax has finally concluded the Street Fighter 4 era for the Empire on the East Coast. With good news to report to the Emperor the only downside was that Chris Hu used his ban star perk to ban Santhrax from BattleField 14 which officially starts the new era of Super Street Fighter 4 for the Empire.

The Dark Emperor of Arcadia is not concerned about the matter as he sends his 2nd Royal Commander Knight on a mission to MTG in Virginia. Santhrax is accompanied by Knight of the South Flash Metroid and the Wandering Knight Marn. Santhrax is currently going toe to toe with Korean powerhouse’s Rain and Holeman. Along with Fab, Santhrax places the Empire in top 8 teams and continues the fight for the Empire on the 25th day of the 4 month in the year 2010 AD. Across the great Nation, 1st Royal Commander Knight Justin “Marvelous” Wong came across his international rival "Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. It took no time before the titans clashed in a new exhibition for the ages, facing off in Super Street Fighter 4. This time the ending was something that no one would expect as the two came to a draw “Double KO”. News reached the Dark Emperor as he returned from a succesful mission for the WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 season. Pleased with the news, Emperial Mage Knight Kreymore returned to the ARC with victory in hand and the spoils of war from TSG (Tri State Gaming) who held the first New York City Super Street Fighter 4 tournament. With BattleField Arcadia 14 on the horizon a new age of fighting ushers itself onto the battlefield.


Earlier during the week many gamers from around the Nation but more importantly got their hands on Super Street Fighter 4 before the ARC. The ironic twist of events gave them a full week ahead of time to practice. Rahsaan, Santhrax, Jago, Kreymore, Dragon God and Yipes all traveled outside of the ARC to Sabin’s dojo, Chung’s domicile and Spooky’s domain to recieve training as the Empire was behind a week. Returning victorious from MLG Orlando, The Emperor came with news of M2K’s win in Singles and Teams for Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The vicotry for the Empire did not stop there as Fab and Fighting GM placed 5th and 9th in Tekken 6, going pro in the league. More importantly Fab destroyed Rain 3-0 winning 9-1 in rounds during singles, while Fighting GM went 2-3 going to the last game before Holeman defeated the Arcadian. However. In team play the Empire was not entered into the competition due to a mix up however the winner of the tournament which was the Korean team had to face off against Empire Arcadia’s fused team with vVv The Real Law; called “Team Fusion”. It was not the first time the Empire and vVv put their differences to the side and joined forces against a common foe. Fab then OCV’ed the entire Korean team along with Bronson to show the might of the Empire in Tekken 6.

The Empire has completely vanquished their enemies and now await the new age of warfare on the BattleField. Will the Empire be able to protect the dynasty as BattleField without its 2nd Royal Commander Knight Santhrax? Or will New York City’s finest be able to take advantage of what they suspect to be a chink in the Empire’s armor and take away BattleField Arcadia 14 from the Empire for the first time since Rico Suave defeated the Empire at BattleField Arcadia 4? Find out at BattleField Arcadia 14.

**Special Announcement: After getting 3rd Place at BattleField XIII, Chris Hu has earned the perk of banning one Competitor out of the tournament. Chris Hu has selected Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly: Winner of 6 Straight BattleField Arcadia tournaments.
Hosted @ Game’s Station
6727 Bay Parkway (Between 67th and 68th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11204 (For subway transportation, Take the N Bound train to Coney Island Bound and stop @ Bay Parkway and walk to the left towards 67th)

*Date: April 25th, 2010
Casual Play starts @ 10:00 a.m
Registration will be @ 1:00 p.m
Tournament will begin @ 2:00 p.m (Super Street Fighter 4) - Tournament Proc TFGM

now is this for literally ONLY SSF4? or other games too? if other games then i can def ask for off and make it!!! let me know whats up!!!??

doesnt super come out on 4/27/10

I’ve had an event posted on this date since the 23rd.

More tournaments will be added later.

??? ok? and ???

Date changed. Sorry about that Bison.

No problem man. I just wanted to bring it to your attention

Its time to oil up!!

Silly wabbit, street dates are for kids!

so this is the launch day tournament? yeah I am there! :karate:

ssf4? im in there baby.

Blaze I hope you bring you A game with Guy.

**Special Announcement: After getting 3rd Place at BattleField XIII, Chris Hu has earned the perk of banning one Competitor out of the tournament. Chris Hu has selected Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly: Winner of 6 Straight BattleField Arcadia tournaments.

:rofl: late april fool’s joke??

thats like the dumbest thing I ever heard…

Hahahaha Chris Hu.

Well it was stated in the last Prologue that whoever won the 3rd place spot that was not Empire they could ban whoever they wanted from the Tournament. If someone from the Empire placed 3rd they would not be able to use the perk. Now that it works out for the community when SSF4 is played more people will come out to fight for the top spot. The NYC Tri-State community will get stronger and stronger…which is the entire point of the Empire doing this.

Sanford should be able to play. It’s good for the SSF4 community to play with high level players and see them in action. Also since this will be a new game it will be nice to see as many top players as possible at this tournament. That’s just imo though -_-.

i would rather have him play too but banning Sanford will make all the people who never wanted to come get out their caves if they think they have a better chance of winin with him out. that in turn will make the players more confident to keep comin to more tourneies…beside sanford isnt the only top player. the whole emp gang is g-like n other players like chris, citi and aulord r crazi.

Nobody that’s actually scared to play Sanford stands a chance against any halfway decent player.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT??? changed to sunday triforce??? arrrrrrgghghghghghg, so be it, i will try to appeal again to my bosses to get off for the sunday instead, it dousnt sound hard but trust me it is hard to request for off and then change it right after i told them, but its cool its i assume better for the commus on a weekend? sunday though, d1 better bring his fucking lame ass for naruto, i know he has off weekends so he better not make any johns, and he better bring basic sausage for tvc, last tourney i defeated basic so im currently the champ for it, and naruto, heads will roll once again!!! i cannot wait!!!

Being that your like the first person I’ve seen on SRK thats from SI, NY I’ll fill you in on something.
The game champ on forest ave. across the street from pathmark… They’ll have it like almost a week early