BattleField Arcadia XVI: Final Destination Evo June 26, 2010

The silence of the blood stained battlefield is broken by the black crows that eat at the flesh of the many that have fallen. Since the last battlefield the Eastern Region of the Great Nation has been under siege by warriors from the West. 1st Royal Commander Knight Justin Wong traveled across the Great Nation to lend aid to Empire in the Major East Battle. A new wave of warriors rose from the the months of carnage from the battlefield. Dr. Chaos, Rico, Inthul and others slayed the Titans of the ARC, 2nd Royal Commander Knight Santhrax and Chinatown Legend Arturo. The last line of defense was King of the South Flash Metroid and Empire’s greatest Fighting Game Champion himself…Justin Wong. After the two dispatched the remaining challengers, the Empire retained its glory, Justin and Flash returned to the west and the south and peace was once again restored.

Back at the ARC the 2nd Royal Commander and rest of the ARC Knights healed there wounds and pride after a mediocre performance at East Coast Throwndown. The King of the East Coast Santhrax gather the ARC Knights and now newly promoted 3rd Royal Commander Knight IFC Yipes and hosted a charity for the March of Dimes to get there minds off of there recent defeat. Soon word spread of the ARC’s weakness. Adding to the Empire’s downing, Marn abandoned the Empire and joined forces with Evil Genius. For a time silence loomed, Dieminion roamed the garden of the Empire State and secured it from FYC Ryder. Then Dieminion traveled to the fields of the BattleField only to find FYC Ryder invaded the Empire State at Guard Crush. Dieminion then defeated Ryder again.

In preparation for Evolution 2010, The Empire State’s first Major “Road to Evo 2” would give the winner of the competition a plane ticket to the World Fighting Game Championships. This granted 2nd Royal Commander Royal Knight Santhrax and the ARC Knights a chance to redeem themselves under what they deemed a poor performance at East Coast Throw Down 2. Santhrax, IFC Yipes, Dieminion, Jago, DragonGod, Jeron and Arturo, conquered the Empire States first Major convincingly restoring honor back to the ARC. Only a few days later, Diemion and Arturo was sent to the Garden of the Empire State on patrol only to be ambushed by Chris Hu. Jago was then sent in a few days later at the E Spot and regulated the situation. Andre then inaugurated the Arcadian Coliseum with his second win in 2 days.

The final week is upon the Empire’s ARC as the 16th BattleField will be the last BattleField before Evolution. This will be the last competition to get them ready to defend the Great Nation against the international forces that will descend upon us all. Dieminion and Jago will both patrol the garden of the Empire State along with Arturo and seiging Guard Crush as a final preparation for BattleField Arcadia. Will the King of the East Coast return to his throne unaffected by the long lay off from the BattleField or will the new Blood DMG and FYC come to break a streak left by the Empire since BattleField Arcadia 3? The battle continues June 26th, 2010.

*Date: June 26th, 2010
Registration and Casual Play will be @ 11:00 a.m
Tournament will begin @ 12:00 p.m (Tetris Party) - Tournament Proc TFGM
Tournament will begin @ 3:00 p.m (Super Street Fighter 4) Tournament Proc TFGM
Tournament will begin @ 4:00 p.m. (Marvel vs. Capcom 2) Tournament Proc TFGM
Tournament will end @ 8:00 p.m.

Hosted @ Game’s Station
6727 Bay Parkway (Between 67th and 68th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11204 (For subway transportation, Take the N Bound train to Coney Island Bound and stop @ Bay Parkway and walk to the left towards 67th)

Admission and Entry Fees:
Venue: $10.00
Tetris: $5 per player for the Tournament Entrance
SSF4, MVC2, Fee: $10 per player for Tournament Entrance

Super Street Fighter 4 Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1) (Yipes and Sanford Banned)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Its 6 days before the scheduled date, and there isn’t any info on this? Is this still happening?

I’m waiting on a sponsor to confirm something so that I can put out that news along with the tournament. If I don’t get the confirmation by tonight then I will post the full details first thing Monday morning. I’m going to call the potential sponsor today though to follow up with them.


I might try to make it out there, what system do you guys usually play on? so i know what to bring

To get there at 11a.m. to register for Super which starts at 4p.m. is a little rough. What’s the latest I can get there for registration? I get drowzy mid-day if I wake up early.

you can come in and register anytime before the tournament starts.

The system that we will be streaming on is a PS3. The others will be a Xbox 360.

il be able to go probably but from 11am till 8pm is a pretty long time, will we be able to leave and get food? also if i pay for the marvel tournament and it gets canceled, will i get my money back?

so will marvel be on xbox or DC

I am new to these tournaments and just got into Street Fighter after a long layoff, I am assuming I can pay $10 just to get in and watch?

@ backstage: yes you can leave and get food and come back in. and yes you’ll get your money back if marvel does not get played.

@ bigmit37: yes, you can just pay venue fee to come in and play casuals and watch.

thx for the help and i hope marvel gets played(i wanna see how your heart beats during a marvel tournament) :slight_smile:

so its now ps3 and xbox 360

The live stream will run PS3 and the others 360.

hmm… sure why not ill be there i guess

Are Yipes and Sanford banned from MvC2 coz they are too good?

World cup

I have to ask for all the soccer fans out there: will you have a TV dedicated to the US v. Ghana world cup match (it starts at 2:30)?

What are you guys gonna use for the brackets? I think tonamento is the best choice.

I hope this tournament is run on xbox because I ain’t bringing both of my sticks.