BattleField Arcadia XVI: Results

Super Street Fighter 4

1st - Evil Rahsaan (Empire)
2nd - Diemion (Empire)
3rd - Wayne
4th - Spank
5th - Zack
5th - Poem
7th - Halo Chicken
7th - Hero Killer (Empire)
9th - Steven
9th - Dead Pool

Tetris Deluxe

GrandMaster Seat Defense X5: TFGM vs. Wayne (Tutorial 10-8)

1st - Wayne
2nd - Tai
3rd - Dead Pool
4th - Hero Killer (Empire)
5th - Poem
5th - Miles
7th - Steven 1
7th - Richard

did so bad in tha street fighter tourney -_-, got second in Tetris though =)

was fun, lookin forward to the next 1

How many people entered?

tons of fun!! I expect a much better turn out next time seriously this shit was embarrassing

Tetris was hype!!! I’m down for that again in the future.

Don’t you mean Blocks was hyped lol