BattleField Arcadia XVII: Results


Grand Master Seat Defense x 7: (EMP) TriForce vs. (EMP) Royal Lance 10-1

1st - Royal Lance (Empire)
2nd - Tai
3rd - Battosai
4th - Aulord
5th - Bad Fish
5th - Jose
7th - Orochimarusama 21

Super Street Fighter 4

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
2nd - Rahsaan (Empire)
3rd - Andre “Jago” Lambert (Empire)
4th - The DragonGod (Empire)
5th - Aulord
5th - Liquid SRK
7th - Spab Rog
7th - Tai Huhygai
9th - Rizhall
9th - Slid
9th - Royal Lance (Empire)
9th - Bad Fish

I woke up too late for this… :confused:

Good stuff~
Uploading grand finals as we speak.

thx man, i really want to study

-_- Hyuga

What’s your YT Channel?

YouTube - rizhall’s Channel

That’s his youtube channel.

I have a question, why don’t you guys use tonamento, or challango when setting up the brackets?

Because you touch yourself at night.

How many people came?

No more Seb for commentary, and Damdai is Awol after EVO. Gotta get some new talent.


I think it was around 15.

Shout outs to the turnout, EMP is taking over. This was truly the upheaval they were looking for, good job.

All hail Empire Arcadia.

Because if there are problems with the bracket for whatever reason; Bad seeding, Double Jeopardy or late entry you can not edit it.

Upheaval has nothing to do with a turn out, however now the Empire will simply follow the tournament trail, north, south, east and west of New York.

The "upheaval’ is the perpetuation of the idea that somehow Street Fighter should be made to look like it came out of a poorly written anime. It adds no drama or interest whatsoever. I’m coming to the next tournament, someone has to make sure there are at least 10 people showing up to these things. Good job on deleting Mileena’s post by the way, that was funny.

All hail Empire Arcadia.

I’m not a mod. I can’t delete any post.

They must have deleted it then. Sorry for the mix up.

All hail Empire Arcadia.

Where’s Seb at?

All hail Empire Arcadia.


stfu you loser and find something better to do with your worthless time

Good shit to sanford and rahsaan, what happend rahsaan you almost had it?

You post here too, so your time is more valuable than mine because of the content you post? What separates you from me on these forums? Nothing. You just don’t like what I have to say and you feel you have a right to shut me up, it won’t happen. Calling me a ‘loser’ achieves nothing but satisfying your ignorance.

Take a good look at yourself before you start throwing stones.

All hail Empire Arcadia.