BattleField Arcadia: XVII "The Upheaval" (July 25th, 2010)

**BattleField Arcadia: XVII “The Upheaval” **
Date: July 25th, 2010 (Sunday)
**Time: **12pm Sign up
Description: Super Street Fighter 4 (starts at 2pm) and Tetris Tournament (starts at 1pm).
Prizes: 70/20/10
Location: 6727 Bay Park Way, Brooklyn NY
Venue Fee: $10.00
Tournament Fee: $10.00 per player for Super Street Fighter 4
Tournament Fee: $5.00 per player for Tetris


Last time on BattleField Arcadia…

In the final preparations for the World Fighting Game Championships “Evolution 2010”; The Dark Emperor of Arcadia held council with Marn who express his wish to no longer serve the Empire. TriForce explained to Marn that his services were already contracted out to a ally to the Empire. Marn express his discontent with the Empire and told TriForce that he would do everything in his power legal and illegal to fight his way out of the Empire. TriForce then decided that there was no reason to keep someone who has left the Empire before for a lesser reason so he contacted his ally and worked out a pain staking agreement to allow Marn to walk away from the Empire and his sub contract to said ally. Upon his release Marn received rumor that TriForce soiled his name. Marn then vowed that in the immediate future he would release news that would destroy the Empire completely. TriForce then sent word to Marn not to make such claims as in the end everyone would suffer. Marn ignored the Dark Emperor’s warning.

Later, 1st Royal Commander Knight Justin Wong returned from his secret mission and contacted the Dark Emperor. He requested an update on the Empire’s expansion progress since his leave. The Dark Emperor was skeptical about the forward request, however gave him the report. The 1st Royal Commander Knight express his disapproval and dismissed himself from the Dark Emperor. TriForce concerned about Justin’s sudden change in behavior kept in mind certain things and decided to deal with the matter another day. Surely enough that day came only one day later. Justin asked Triforce to be removed from the Empire. Not at all shocked by the request TriForce then explained to Justin that the Enemies of the Empire will continue to plot and attack the Empire from within and ask that Justin be patient; for by Summer’s end, everything would have been worth the wait. Justin angered by TriForce refusal to release him dismissed himself again.

Only a few days later, a council was brought together with Justin Wong, FightingGM, VOA Persia, Perfect Legend and NYC Fab. TriForce expressed this concerns with the Empire’s internal issues and told them that although he understood their frustrations waiting for the Empire to finally prosper from his mission. However Justin and Perfect Legend argued that the Empire’s image is tarnished by the Dark Emperor’s personal image itself. This argument enraged the Dark Emperor as TriForce then told them that even if he conceded to their wishes, his allies have already been given the rights to use the forces of the Empire for there gain. TriForce then said to them, give him until summers end and if nothing could be reaped by such time, that the Probation of the sub contracts would then end and TriForce would let them all go. Although they were angered, they all agreed and Triforce concluded the meeting.

The next day a letter was brought to the Dark Emperor from Justin saying good bye to the Empire. The Emperor upset by this news tried to contact his 1st Royal Commander Knight to discuss the matter, only to find out that all forms of communications were severed. This news could not have come at a worst time for the Empire. The news then spread throughout the great nation in less than a day. The propaganda then started and with news of Justin abandoning the Empire, skeptics then started to spread rumors that the entire Empire would then crumble as Marn foretold. TriForce then contacted the knights throughout the Empire to verify their allegiance to the Empire. Already doubts surfaced through many of the Fighter Knights.

An Emergency meeting was then held at the ARC with 2nd and 3rd Royal Commander Knights Santhrax and Yipes and 1st Emperial Mage Kreymore. (This part will be shown at the King of Chinatown Movie) The Dark Emperor spoke to the 3 about Project “The Clone Wars” as foretold: With only a few days to Evolution TrIforce rounded up all the men he could for the world fighting game Championships. During a time of such confusion and discord in the Empire it was the first time the Empire went to the world stage in such disarray. Not to mention 1 day before Evolution a spy created a scandal to sabotage the Dark Emperor.

At Evo the Dark Emperor roamed around for the first time alone, seeing his 1st Royal Commander Knight on the opposite side of the battle Field. With so many fake smiles and wishes of the Empire’s demise TriForce knew that this years championships would bare no fruits, his only hope was Santhrax, Snake Eyez and IFC Yipes. Fortunately Santhrax took 2nd in Marvel as Justin Wong regain his throne with his 7th MVC2 title and Yipes took 4th. Snake Eyez a unknown member to the Empire who spoke with TriForce in 2009 at E3, made a grand appearance on the scene and took 1st in HD Remix for the Empire. TriForce then knew that when he returned to the Empire state that the Empire would be in disarray.

Epilogue: Coming soon

Returning back to the Empire State the greatest fears for the Empire were starting to take place. Members who swore allegiance to the Empire are now turning sides as they base there reasons on so called unfulfilled agreements on the Emperor’s hand. The ARC request council with the Emperor to discuss the future of the Empire. As TriForce helds council with the few Fighter Knights left in the Empire he informs them that should the fighting force for the Empire go under that the Empire as a whole will continue to move forward. Yipes explains to TriForce that the Knights of the ARC understands the fall out of Arturo and FightingGM who walked away from the Empire and how many others may follow suit however the Knights of the ARC “will ride with the Empire until the wheels fall of.” Santhrax express that the Empire has been like a second family to him and that at the end of the day the goal will be accomplish no matter what. Kreymore, Andre, The DragonGod, Blood Red, Knightmare, Jeron, Desperado and Corp. all motioned to advance forward.

The Dark Emperor then stated as of the day July 23rd 2010, the members of the ARC will now be called the “ARC Knights”. With BattleField Arcadia XVII only days away TriForce vows that the lands will run red and the rivers will be filled will blood. The Upheaval has begun. As of BattleField Arcadia XVII, I declare that there will be no neighboring state tournament, North, East, South or West of the Empire state that shall not feel the wrath of the Empire and all who betrayed the Empire shall face its unbridled wrath.

I can’t wait for the Prologue

Upheaval? That’s mad beef. And you spelt it wrong.

Justin, Ricky and Arturo betrayed the emperor and must now be referred to as “Rogue Traitors of the Empire”.

this one will be sweet

$10 venus and $10 tournament… makes it $20 to play in the tournament?

What console will this be played on?

plus NY state tax

I have another question, as it’s been a long tiem since the last tiem I came to one, and that was my first time as well. Around waht time do casuals and tournaments begin? And on average, what time does it end? It won’t change whether I go or not, as I’m going regardless, but I would like to know so I can try to plan something for afterward as well.

mostly likely x360 as that is the norm there.

casuals begin pretty early. the setups are there so as long as someone is there to play you when you get there, you can play. tourney usually starts at 2pm. how long it goes depends on the amount of people but they have 4 setups so it goes pretty quick.

I might come out.


ill be making it to this tourney so yeah i can run tvc and naruto…yeah ill be there lol should be fun!!!

also tell andre ill be there so if he wanted to learn either ps2 or wii naruto im there to teach him il be there to teach him as well.

seriously tell him to go lol.

I’ll come through if there is at least 1 ps3 setup. I know everybody hates the ps3 though =/

Eh… what else do I gotta do on a sunday afternoon? Im there.

As long as they dont join a Kingdom everything’ll be straight.

Ok, I’m writing the story now.

Prologue is up. Writing Epi now.

I’ll be there for everything =)

Same place. Same time. Let’s make this a big one guys.

lol do we have a role playing section on srk now? go back to your wow boards emperial mages