BattleField Arcadia: XVII "The Upheaval" (July 25th, 2010)

ehh idk if imma be entering, I might come to watch for a little if I dont got plans. Would enter if my paycheck came already

Love it, shows how some of those situations really went down. Where’s the stream at?

Any chance of a stream?

Now that you guys got the Role playing version of what happen, I’m now writing the role playing version of what is current and what might happen tomorrow. Stay tuned.

The empire will rise again.

Conclusion. See you all tomorrow. I will try to get this streamed by competitive online.

lmao with an op like that i’d tell you to get bent but uhh…

triforce cock picture

that op is the second funniest piece of fanfiction triforce has written


Um it doesnt say what time it starts tomorrow

Crap I forgot about the times. I just added them.

k cool, see you tomorrow

this tourny is on monday then

Looks like Sunday. Is there any stream available?

Date: July 25th, 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm Sign up
Description: Super Street Fighter 4 (starts at 2pm) and Tetris Tournament (starts at 1pm).

I just woke up :confused:

Ok so who saved the mushroom Princess from the evil grasps of the Level99 Dragon using their Searing Blade of the eternal unicorn knight of death while wearing the great mighty helm of the tw.

what are the stats on this so called “Great mighty helm of the tw?”

i wonder at the integrity of this item, whilst fondling my Great cleaver of vinjence… musing over the terror i might unlessh on this thread.

Prior to Evolution 2010, 1st Dark Emperor Commander Imperial Guard Rogue Mage Knight of Empire Arcadia Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson was increasing his cyber-sex experience points when he failed to realize that pictures being sent over the internet could be re-posted on a blog. Meanwhile, 2nd Royal Imperial Mage Rogue Emperor Hunter Mileena Isis Adams revealed the Emperor of Arcadia’s failed attempt at seducing her through an internet blog site. Frightened at the legitimacy of the claims presented, The Emperor of Arcadia desperately sought a plausible explanation for the slander against him. The Emperor of Arcadia then cleverly released a Youtube video of the 2nd Royal Imperial Mage Rogue Emperor Hunter Mileena Isis Adams calling the 1st Royal Commander Imperial Knight Super Duper Mage Hyper Ghost King Sanford ?Santhrax? Kelly a derogatory term on Facebook. Since The Emperor of Arcadia obliterated Mileena from his and Sanford?s privileged imperial royal Facebook friends list, The Emperor of Arcadia somehow believed that this proved the slander against him was false. Even claims by the Empire?s appointed liar, 2nd Imperial Royal Rook Guard Andre ?Twisted Jago? Lambert was forced to give false claims to increase the legitimacy of the video. Sadly, this plan did not work, the ?Exonerate The Empire? Youtube video was a complete failure. To the trained eye capable of critical thinking, The Emperor of Arcadia?s video was rendered a sad attempt to clear his name and his companies name of the embarrassment.

To add insult to injury, two of The Empire?s best players, Justin ?Marvelous? Wong and Martin ?Marn? Phan have fled to an organization that has a future, Evil Geniuses. In response to this, Triforce recorded a scene for ?The King of Chinatown? film bashing Justin Wong claiming he ?betrayed the empire.? Evil Geniuses is making business deals and Empire Arcadia is making hate videos, good times. Feeling his empire is collapsing, Triforce calls an emergency brainwashing seminar to reiterate the importance of The Empire and to reclaim existent allegiances. The remaining gamers would be referred to as the ?ARC Knights?, which means absolutely nothing. Triforce?s days as a professional conman are running thin and he knows this. It won?t be long until Empire Arcadia will be a 40 year old Royal Commander Guard Imperial Emperor Super Duper Knight Mage Rogue Elf with a power glove. All hail Empire Arcadia.

Dude Triforce, I think you might be mentally insane and should seek professional help IMMEDIATELY