BattleField Arcadia: XVIII "Age of Tyranny" August 22nd, 2010


BattleField Arcadia: XVIII "Age of Tyranny"
Date: August 22nd, 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm Sign up
Description: Super Street Fighter 4 (starts at 2pm) Blazbue CS (Starts at 3pm) and Tetris Tournament (starts at 1pm).
Location: 6727 Bay Park Way, Brooklyn NY
Venue Fee: $10.00
Tournament Fee: $10.00 per player for Super Street Fighter 4
Prizes: 70/20/10
Tournament Fee: $5.00 per player for Tetris
Prizes: Winner takes all. *($25 Bonus Pot)
Tournament Fee: $5.00 per player for Blazblue Continuum Shift
Prizes: 70/20/10
Special: Pizza Time!


lets hope this thread is alot more cleaner. Anyway im hoping i can come, my plans are in fact to come. But i have promised a show in the past and things have come up and i couldnt make it. Anyway cant wait for this. I REALLY wanna test myself since i learned stick and am starting to feel comfortable. By the way The reason ive been MIA was because of finals, and shortly after i spent my time learning stick. By the way triforce. Any plans to host at the new venue again? (Mapquest “says” that that venue is closer to my house. Now traffic might “say” otherwise)


I am going to this and I hope people come for Blazblue Continuum Shift


So that was a no on Liquid’s Tonamento/Challonge question right?


TriForce-it was nice meeting you at the last Guard Crush.

I hope to make it out to this tournament.


Damn, does it really have to be on a sunday?


so is switching characters in a brand new set even if you won the last match allowed?


Is it possible ben fong might be there? and if so is it possible that if i bring my stick he be able to take a look at it? My jab button has been acting up and this is the only stick i have.


New characters on a new set after a reset in the grand finals. Is it allowable?


who is gonna stream this?


probably competitive online


Hopefully you see this before more people troll you triforce-

Is there any chance for a Naruto: CONREV3 side event? I’ll talk to TaiHyuga about getting some of the players to come if it is.


Triforce has to state it himself. Although it’s allowable, it’s up to the tournament host to decide whether or not it is agreeable for players to change.


The lack of responses to the players attending this tournament is appalling. Please be professional and be courteous to other people, besides taking their entrant money and running away.


i’ll bring my wii if anyone is honestly and truly into Naruto CONR3 to be honest i figured this game would jus vanish untill REV4, guess i’ll jus wait and see if tha scene will get where i though it would -_-, anywho if anyone is interested pm me plz


hey tai is orochimaru be banned for the tournament if you decide to host it?


Ben Fong usually goes to Guard Crush.


na oro wouldn’t be banned…why would anyone ban him lol he’s not broke


Is this tournament going to be streamed?


I think they lost their stream sponsorship. Last time I was there competitive online didn’t stream it. They usually do.