BattleField Arcadia XVIII: Age of Tyranny (Results)


Tetris Deluxe

Grand Master Seat Defense x8: TriForce (Empire) 10 - Wayne 4

1st - Wayne (3 Time Champion)
2nd - David
3rd - Royal Lance (Empire)
4th - Glitch (Empire)
5th - Orochimarusama 21
5th - Liquid SRK

Super Street Fighter 4

1st - Sanford Kelly (Empire)
2nd -Andre Lambert (Empire)
3rd - Shine
4th - Wayne
5th - Spab Rog
5th - Moons
7th - Glitch (Empire)
7th - Adnan
9th - Liquid SRK
9th - David


did nobody show up to this or something


ugh. andre tortured me…ggs. good bison to say the least.wish more people came/signed up. good fuerte = gdlk


What are you talking about? The place was packed to the rafters, it was a fire hazard.

Shout outs to Triforce somehow getting Competitive Online to stream a 17 man tournament. That was impressive.


Where’s the epilogue?


yeah, i wish the turnout was better but i still had fun.


gg’s to everyone, espescially shine. Wish I woulda won, I wanted my money back >_<


only 12 ppl at tht tourny is pathetic what is going on with the street fighter community


blame the game, not the players


has more to do w/ the tourney itself than the game… guard crush/8otb/on blast consistently get good #s


Well This event had better advance warning, but was on a Sunday, Stream situation was a little confusing, and that other event was scheduled as well.

Not to mention the only mention on SRK was this thread buried amongst the rest. Bottom line, gotta step up the promotion game.


The horrible turn out has nothing to do with when the event was, where it was, what games were being played, or what the prize money was. It is who threw the event that matters. In case you haven’t noticed, a good portion of the top players that attend Guard Crush, On Blast, and 8 On The Break do not attend Battlefield Arcadia anymore, they once did. Does this point to something? Yes, they are being boycotted. Don’t you find it a bit odd that you don’t see Chris Hu, Ryder, Ben Fong, and other top players at Battlefield Arcadia anymore? All the marketing in the world would not have mattered one bit. Top players knew about the event, they just didn’t show up.

The event thread was far from being “buried among the rest.” The first event thread, before it was closed, had about 8,000 views in about 5 days, that is plenty of exposure for a local tournament. Needless to say, people knew about the event all to well. They just made a conscious decision not to attend.

Don’t worry about the stream, you did not miss much. The whole thing was over in about one and a half hours and had little to no commentary. It was laughable.

Triforce only has himself to blame for the turnout, nobody else. He can piss and moan about it “not being good for the community” and it will do him no good. People know what he is, and what he stands for so they just choose to avoid him, it is that simple. Game over.


If top players have decided to boycott the event, then that’s sad. But I still believe better promotion would have brought in a decent amount of unknown players looking to compete, unless the influence of those players caused others not to attend.

The original thread was a troll fest and got closed rightly so, but it was still never on the front page or in the calendar which I think contributed to the turnout.

If they can do decent streams for the Live at the ARC sessions, then they should be able to do the same for BA, although not this time.

Your feelings on Triforce and EMP are well documented, and however true they may be, I still think Battlefield can be big again.


Top players not attending isn’t sad at all, it is smart. Promotion had nothing to do with it, better promotion would have done close to nothing.

What are you talking about? The original thread was on the front page for the entire time it was up until it was closed. However, the subsequent thread was buried in the rest due to lack of interest.

They can do a decent stream for Battlefield Arcadia if people actually come. So far, the live streams from the ARC and Battlefield Arcadia are the same thing just with different backgrounds. They are both streams of EMP civil wars.

Your right, Battlefield Arcadia and Empire Arcadia can bounce back an make a comeback, but it involves taking Triforce out of the picture. This will most likely not happen and Empire Arcadia and the events they throw will continue to suffer. It is indeed sad.


please find a better hobby. whether you have a point or not. my guess would be triforce isnt listening. and your wasting your time and effort on keyboard. Your wasting your life on srk.


triforce and semi should mm on who can write the most in one topic. if you guys decide to do that let me know and team pie will record it. foreal tho i dont know how u guys do it. im an IT tech and i still cant do what yall do.

right now im suppose to write on my next event in sept and im running from the shit. i put up the thread but its empty lol. god im so bad at this shit


How mundane.


The mighty Empire will wage war against the problematic DMG nation in a balanced location at Battlefield Arcadia. We will show the worldthat Empire is still on top, even if the Mighty Empire could not make it in full force to Evolution. We have already subdued the traitor Arturo in his home field Guard Crush multiple times and taken the winning title just as many. Our next target is the minor threat Team Spooky, as they have declined our offer for an alliance. Empire will rain once again - Triforce “Isaiah Johnson” Gamemaster





What exactly IS the issue with Battlefield Arcadia and the top players boycotting it? If this has anything to do with Justin leaving, or that troll blonde chick on facebook it instantly becomes retarded and I don’t care. Seriously, people act like the Empire didn’t provide us with some quality players, and even better quality tournaments and just entertainment in general. Regardless of where it is now, its not fair to reject the importance it has/once had so severely.