BattleField Arcadia XX: The End Games, Road to NEC XI - 11/28/10


Prologue: After 15 months of grueling battles on the digital battlefield so many old warriors have faded and new warriors have been discovered. The scene in the Empire State has transformed greatly. The once invincible Empire has been invaded, its #1 Royal High Commander Knight has left and the brilliance of the Empire’s light, dimmed. The Flag of the Empire remains draped in the air; although battered and torn it’s Knights, now turned ARC Knights have banned together to defend the reduced territory of it’s once governed province through its expansion. The BattleField has been silenced by the abandonment of 90% of the Empire States warriors, in a protest to dis-acknowledge the Dark Emperor who has now been forced to create small forces to invade other battlefield’s such as Guard Crush, 8 on the Break and E Spot. Even with the Empire’s success on other BattleField: Guard Crush, 8 Bit and Up Video Games, 8 on the Break, Seasons Beatings V, Absolute Battle 2K10, Chinatown Weekly, On Blast and Endless Battle, the damage has already been done and the commonwealth of warriors distaste for the Emperor still lingers.

Epilogue: Now the final BattleField is at hand and the Road to the Final Major Battle of the Year is open, as over 200 digital warriors descent upon the State of Pennsylvania to do battle. BattleField Arcadia XX is the Final BattleField of this era and the final chance to sharpen one’s skills leading up to North East Championship XI. These are the End Games.

Stream: Competitive Online

Tournaments & Time:

Tetris Party Deluxe - Time: **1pm **
Prize: Winner takes all
Entry: $5
**Rules: **2 out 3 standard rounds. Winners, Losers and Grand finals 3 out of 5 rounds. Special Grand Master Seat, 1st to 10

Super Street Fighter 4 (2v2): - Time 4pm
Prize: 1st 70%, 2nd 20% and 3rd 10%
Entry: $10
Rules: (Character Lock per player) Standard games single match 2 out of 3 rounds per player. Winners, Losers and Grand Finals 2 out of 3 match. Loser changes characters, Winners change Ultra.

Location: Game Pad/Station - 6727 Bay Parkway Brooklyn NY 11204, between 67 & 68th street.

Venue Fee: $10


The last battlefield tourney is something to look forward to. If not for the battlefield series which helped grow the NYC scene, MOST players would not have the drive that they have now. Battlefield lit the candle for streamed SF4 events on the EC.

First and foremost, I would like to thank FrameAdvantageDotCom for giving Battlefield Arcadia one of the first recognized streams in the EC that viewers watched worldwide every two Sundays. It really helped put the EC players skill level out there even though we all might not have been great in the beginning of SF4.

Secondly, I would like to thank anyone who supported battlefield arcadia, whether it be the players, the venue owners, and the viewers. If not for the help of the community, this series would not have gotten far as it did. We may not finish strong as we have started, but it’s a finish nonetheless.

Lastly, a special thanks goes out to Triforce for having the guts to start a consistent tourney to show the world what NYC is capable of. Definitely held the flag for the most hype and skilled tourneys for the past year and a half. Regardless of whether people stop supporting battlefield for whatever reason, or people trying to slander your name or whatever, you still held until the end and did a huge deal for the community.

With that being said, I’ll definitely try and take off work for that day to attend.


Wow the lasts battlefield i never thought i would i see this day, a year ago when we started out at the venue on kings-highway hmph, time flies but things dont change players are still free and im coming out to do what i do best and body folks.


I seriously miss the old days. It seems the trolls have taken over and are changing the industry. I actually liked going to battlefield and it hurts my heart when I see no support. I wish I could come and support and play (get bodied) just to get some sort of knowledge but you know whats going on with me now. However I hope theres a great turn out. Be safe man.


Hopefully everyone can attend. Battlefield Arcadia 7 was the first Street Fighter tournament I ever competed in. I got bodied pretty free but it definitely inspired me to step my shit up. 1 year later, I plan on winning the last battlefield. Hail MikeG


Its unfortunate that I wasnt around those days when Battlefield arcadia started since i was occupied with pc shooters, however im pretty sure they were a huge success like guard crush, break, etc before they started swindling down in support for w/e reason.

Anyways with that said, ill try to make it out to this one. Hopefully it will be a goo, d turnout, and if not, fuck it 20$ to play casuals all day, not a bad deal


Rico Suave, Inthul and Insaynne will return to compete at the final Battlefield. In which many will agree…its going to be one hell of a epic showdown.

I cant wait for this! This event should be supported 100%. Let’s Go PEOPLEZ!

(waiting on other DMG players’ confirmation)


The last Battlefield, finishing it off in style…

I guess I’m the only one who still checks for other events so I don’t schedule an event the same day. I know, none of the NY players will prob come to my event anyway. Just saying this has happened numerous times in the past to me.


Honestly speaking I checked the first 2 pages to see if any event was happening in NYC on the 28th. #1. I didn’t see anything thus I choose this date. #2. Don’t worry I’ll be out of your way after this; since you’re hinting that I’m doing this on purpose. #3. I don’t check for NJ, CT, VA etc. Hope to see FYC there.


I didn’t say you did it on purpose, meaning that you saw my event and decided to post anyway, I was implying that you didn’t check out all other events before posting it up.

I just think there should be something in place for all the organizers, maybe an SRK group or a Facebook group where people can post up dates they are looking to use and see if anyone else has the same plans. We are supposed to help each other and I just hate to take players away from another event when I know it could have been easily avoided with communication.


is teams Character lock or can you pick whoever whenever?


yo mike do u need a teamate


i will not miss this


i might. my teammate needs to get back to me soon to see if he is coming. Ill let u know.


Good question. I updated the tournament. This will be a character lock tournament. I always thought teams were auto character lock but just in case anyone didn’t know I’m posting it now. Thanks Mike.

As stated before I did check for matching dates but only on the first 2 pages and only for NYC. I didn’t look for it’s surrounding states. However you do have a point. It would be great if they did have some type of event appointment system.

Welcome back Alejandro.

On another note Xecutioner will be hosting the final Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament of the year and of BattleField Arcadia. Details will be up later tonight.


Its called the Tournament Calendar.


since its 2v2, and rico and inthul are teaming, ill need a teammate


and triforce, be sure to add this event to the tournament calender as well, more people might see it there, thus getting a bigger turnout


Holy Crap, I’m a retard. Can’t believe I did not see that.

I repeat, holy crap I’m a retard. I Can’t believe I did not see that.


Just to let everyone I will be hosting a MvC2 tournament at the last Battlefield. Also this will be a good warm-up for those entering Marvel at NEC.

Mvc2 Tournament

Time: 4pm: Sign-ups, 5pm: Tournament starts

Entry fee: $5.00

Rules: Double Elimination, 2 out of 3, Winner’s Finals: 3 out of 5, Loser’s Final: 3 out of 5, Grand Finals: 4 out of 7

Payout: 70/20/10

This game been out for a decade so you guys already know the rules. If you need any more information just PM me