BattleField Arcadia XX: The End Games


Tetris Deluxe:

Grand Master Defense x 10 EMP TriForce vs Wayne (10-0) Grand Master Seat Retired.

1st - Wayne (5th Championship)
2nd - Dieminion (Empire)
3rd - Royal Lance (Empire)
4th - Remix (Empire)
5th - Jago (Empire)
5th - Smooth Viper (Empire)
7th - Javits
7th - ???

Super Street Fighter 4

1st - Santhrax (Empire)
2nd - Dieminion (Empire)
3rd - Jago (Emprie)
4th - Adnan
5th - Mike G
5th - SmoothViper (Empire)
7th - Remix (Empire)
7th - Javits
9th - Christopher
9th - DMG Insaynne

Pokemon Puzzle League

1st - TriForce (Empire)
2nd - Jason Hall
3rd - Wayne
4th - Dieminion (Empire)
5th - Remix (Empire)
5th - Royal Lance (Empire)
7th - DMG Insaynne
7th - SmoothViper (Empire)


am I really dumb or is there no stream??


I don’t think there’s a stream. =[


The stream providers cancelled.


Good shit Adnan finally beating me :frowning:

And good shit Kev. I hate you


total entrants?


dag, 0-2 for the 1st time, i wasnt really in a good condition to play, but ggs to kevin and adnan. both of ur characters give me a real hard time, see u all at NECXI, ill have a much better mindset and ill have my stick.

there were 13 entrants


That sucks. I was looking forward to high level play at Battlefield Arcadia man.


Did you guys even throw a Marvel tourney?


Yo Triforce, with the next set of tourneys, please put Puzzle League in it, I definitely would of came If i knew you would had put that in the tournament line up.


i unfortunately couldn’t go to this but how did it go? good right?