BattleGrounds CT results! Feb 12th and 13th 2010 FULL RESULTS!


Here are the results and I hope everybody had a good time and GG to all.

SF4 Singles:
1 Weaksauce (Sagat) $210.00
2 Damdai (Ken) $60.00
3 min (Dictator/Blanka) $30.00
4 Brainyi
5 Chris “CP” Pereira
5 Merkilo
7 Aumni
7 Essex
9 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
9 Mr. Dash
9 Lucky D
9 Fluff
13 Vigilante
13 BlueNine
13 Kryptic
17 Danny “Gran_Calc” Duong
17 Apex
17 Bob
17 LB Chaos
17 Tales
17 Storm
17 Andersen
17 G-man
25 Pancho
25 Charlie
25 Kona
25 Zoob
25 Mangler
25 Judge

SF4 Teams:
1 Team Great Friends 1 (TGF) : $91.00(CP and Lucky D)
2 Team Great Friends A (TGA) : $39.00(WeakSauce and Brain Yi-Joe)
3 Team Diaz(Min and The Realyst)
4 Team Yin Yang
5 Team Edward
5 Team We Just Met
7 Team G-Storm
7 Team BnB
9 Team Grand Damn
9 Team Full Screen Win
9 Team Going Home Early
9 Team Free Money
13 Team I Don’t Care

SF4 $1 Tourny on Friday:
1 Vigilante : $13.00
2 blueNINE
3 Wednesday’s Dagger
4 Shimetsu
5 Furok
5 Mindgam3
7 Corey
7 Tales
9 kona
9 Genesis
9 Stephan
9 Fraga
13 Jeremy

1 Nuclear Cheese : $28.00
2 Furok : $7.00
3 Vigilante
4 The Lazy One
5 Ph33r
5 Tales
7 kona

1 blueNINE : $20.00
2 Nuclear Cheese : $5.00
3 Mindgam3
4 Furok
5 Tales

1 Furok : $12.00
2 Tales : $3.00
3 blueNINE
4 Vigilante
5 kona
5 Mindgam3

Soul Calibur 4
1: Phoenix Ivan
2: Icy Chains
3: Goofus
4: Kikaleek
5: Idlemind
5: Kryonik
7: Jibidus
7: Dirty Zim

Tekken 6
1: The Realyst
2: Goofus
3: Why-Disciple
4: Rain
5: Merkilo
5: Shizu
7: Kryonik
7: Jian
9: Bob

Thx everybody for coming!


Hey guys real good shit to everyone. Thanks to everyone who ran it, everything ran real smooth and in a timely manner. Good games to everyone I played. Glad to see a lot of both the MA and CT crews show up, we had an awesome crowd. Hope we can do this again.


dont for get to add ranking point to it also so that player will be seed next time



13th in both singles and teams. That’s a bad omen, lol.


Judge: GG, and thanks again for the ride.
Apex: Rose! Solid play as usual, too bad you’re playing a shitty character now :rofl:
CP, Brian Yi, LuckyD, Asiantom: nice seeing you guys, too bad you didn’t get to make me look free as hell like normal
Fraga, and the other melty players whose names I didn’t get: I need to play more Melty. Shit is wayyyyyy too much fun to pass up.


I thought this was only done at the end of the month?


For SF4, players were already seeded, and their result in this tournament will effect their seed for the next tournament.


damdai, I was actually kind of bummed you didn’t complete that comeback. But good shit anyway dude.


Damdai, we are talking about the weekly tourney’s we have at Battlegrounds. I do have to say it would have been really crazy if you made a comeback.


just to clear it up, i only got 200$. if i was supposed to get 210, i didn’t. just letting you know.

gs to everyone i played. especially to damdai for adapting to my focus game. by the last game i knew you could punish them, but i was trying to see if it could beat startup of your tatsu if i let it go early enough.

edit - also, if my name could be changed in your brackets to just “Weak Sauc3”, that’d be great. the Jedite gimmick was a one time thing lol


ggs to everybody i played.

danny, damian and seb - it was nice to meet you guys.

shoutouts to rob for carrying me to my first ever placing in teams and to min for denying my first ever placing in singles.
min - let me know the next time you make it to walls. we can grab a couple of drinks and swap some blanka gimmicks.


goodshit to
the most heinous sagat.
the scientist.
the most murderous of min masters.

and the rest of the guys i know who didnt get 4th or better, kill yourselves.


GGs to everyone I played and saw

Damdai grandcal and seb could swapping stories, opened m eyes on a certain “organization” out there LOL

Min and Realyst always good to see you guys


anyone else it was fun


GGz, people.

Anyone have a video of the grand finals? That was mad hype.


Thanks for hosting this guys! I’ll be coming to more of these things.

Shoutout to the Mass, CT, and New York people coming out, definitely made me all warm and fuzzy seeing the usual crowd. It made me less warm and fuzzy losing to the usual crowd.



Good shit to everyone I played. I wanna thank Fraga and Vigilante for getting shit done. I also wanna thank Damdai for being our tech support for There will be HDR next time. Also, SF4 finals was very fucking hype.

I don’t know who uploaded the video but here are the grand finals videos.



Damdai looks like E from Entourage.


Jay you’re such an obnoxious spectator. I can hear you above everyone else lol.


Because I placed poorly I had a terrible time.





lol kona