BattleGrouonds @ SnC Present: Test Your Might! SSF4 Team Tournament (SoCal) 8/21/10

Alright Folks This Time Around BattleGrounds @ SnC
Is Coming Back With A 2 Vs. 2 Team Tournament!

Live Stream Will Be At: I.E. Battle Grounds on
Stream Start Time Is 7:30PM PST

This Tournament Has A Cap Limit Of 16 Teams.

If You Would Like To Pre Register Your Team
Post Up Your Team Name, Players Names, And Characters They Selected

Here Is A Rundown Of How This Tournament Will Work.

Example #1
Player:1 Vs. Player:A (Player:1 Wins The Match)
Player:2 Vs. Player:B (Player:2 Wins The Match
Result: Team P:1 & P:2 Wins. Team P:A & P:B Go To Losers Bracket.

Example #2
Player:1 Vs. Player:A (Player:A Wins The Match)
Player:2 Vs. Player:B (Player:2 Wins The Match)
Player:2 Vs. Player:A (Player:2 Wins The Match)
Result: Team P:1 & P:2 Wins. Team P:A & P:B Go To Losers Bracket.

**FORMAT: **
Team Double Elimination.

Each Teammate Must Play A Different Character (No 2 Of The Same Characters On Any Team)
You & Your Teammate Must Use The Same Character Through The Whole Tournament (No Character Switching Once You Have Started But You May Switch Between Ultras)
This Will Be Best 2 Out Of 3 Matches (First Team To Win 2 Matches Advances In The Tournament)
Timer Will Be Set At 99 Seconds.
If There Is A Draw Game Between Two Players You Will Replay The Match Until There Is A Winner (No Ultra Switching In Case Of A Draw Game)
Winners Finals Will Be Best 2 Out Of 3 Sets
Losers Finals Will Be Best 2 Out Of 3 Sets
Grand Finals Will Be Best 3 Of 5 Sets &
(The Team Coming From Losers Will Need To Winn 3 Extra Sets Thats A Total Of 6 Sets In Order To Win The Tournament Winner Only Need To Win 3 Sets To Take Tournament)
Losing Team May Reverse Order After Losing

Xbox360 Only At The Moment

This Is A BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) Event
I Provide 2 Madcatz Stock SE Joysticks At The Events So If You Borrow One You Must Return It After Your Match Has Concluded.

**WHERE: **
8605 1/2 Baseline Rd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-1111
Phone: (909) 948-3883
(we are located in a shopping center)

August / 21 / 2010

6:00PM Signup’s 7:00PM Tournament Start Time
You Can Get Casuals In During Signup Time.

$13 Per Team ($10 Of The Fee Will Go To The Pot $3 Will Go To Venue)

The Pot Will Be Split 70%, 20%, 10% For 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

SnC House Rules PLEASE REED!:

  1. if you lend your joystick/pad to a fellow player make sure you get it back.

2.if you borrow a house stick or pad please give it back at the end of your match.

  1. BE ON TIME! i do not like to prolong the event for any one.

  2. once your match is finished please report it to me or one of the other people helping me run the event.

  3. if you do not know the rules please come talk to me and i will explain them to you

  4. pick up your trash. Shuffle & Cut provides trash cans SO USE THEM!

  5. i don’t mind people talking trash its part of the culture just keep it in check and dont get out of hand with it.

  6. i will be updating the site with start times for upcoming events.

  7. top 8 of each ranbat/tournament will be recorded and uploaded to youtube.

  8. feel free to ask any question you might have.

  9. if you play BlazeGreen (or any other drugs) do that away from SnC. if i catch you i will permanently ban you ass from SnC

  10. there is no alcohol allowed inside or out in front of SnC

  11. if i ever catch any one stealing its a permanent ban from SnC and you will get your as…
    (SnC is nice enough to let us do our thing here so don’t F&@# it up for every one els)


You Can Check Out The BattleGrounds Site For Any Upcoming Events Found Here:

1 open spot hit me up if you want to take it!

Pre Team Registration List:


  1. Team Players: TemjinAlpha (M.Bison) / ZillGrinds (Rufus)
    Team Name: STFU & Eat The Dive Kick

  2. Team Players: Thomas Dea (Akuma) / Bj Nguyen (Seth)
    Team Name: LowHP

  3. Team Players: Filipino Man (Rose) / Bren2xT (Balrog)
    Team Name: Team Soul of the Lil’ Gay Boys

  4. Team Players: Lvs (Akuma) / Euro (E.Honda)
    Team Name: Team No Jumping

  5. Team Players: () / ()
    Team Name:

  6. Team Players: Xblades (FeiLong) / ClutchLikeKobe (Ibuki)
    Team Name: Team Ninja Wing

  7. Team Players: Binkley (Cody) / Kirrus (Chun-Li)
    Team Name: Team Cops & Robbers

  8. LSB (El Fuerte) / Roman (Zangief)
    Team Name: Team Lucholariat

  9. Team Players: Dolfan305 (Zangief) / Leonica14 (Guile)
    Team Name: El Equipo Hijueputa

  10. Team Players: Wonder_Chef (Able) / Krayzie Bone (Rose)
    Team Name: Team MKE West

  11. Team Players: MonsterMash (Zangief) / Still Derek (Guy)
    Team Name: Team Forties And Nines

  12. Team Players: ClakeyD (Ibuki) / EG.MaRN (Dudley)
    Team Name: Team 3rd Strike

  13. Team Players: Axis Gamer 9 (Balrog) / YankeeBlugenes (DeeJay)
    Team Name: Team BlazeGreen

  14. Team Players: Airic (Dan) / Luken (Ryu)
    Team Name: Team Handicap

  15. Team Players: LoneWolf-7 (Gouken) / Andrew (M.Bison)
    Team Name: Team Why Can’t We Be Friends?

  16. Team Players: OnlineTony213 (Seth) / Hugo101 (M.Bison)
    Team Name: Team Straight Outta L.A


This is gonna be some fun. I’ll be there for sure.

But I don’t have a teammate left, can I get a reserved spot though?

sure no problem. just make sure you have a team by the 19th and you give me all the info.

id also like to reserve a spot for myself and a teammate.
on a related note, if anyone wants to team up send me a pm D:

ahhhh fuck! i’ma be out of town that weekend=( good luck guys!

save a spot for Cupcake Town!

got my team ready TemjinAlpha - M.Bison & ZillGrinds - Rufus Team Name: STFU & Eat The Dive Kick

Team Ninja Wing

XBlades - Fei

Clutch - Ibuki

hopefully this will be recorded…

Totally ready to jank it up!

Team Final Fight

Binkley (Cody) + Kirrus (Guy)

alright justinTV somebody upgraded lol

Team Soul of the Lil’ Gay Boys
filipin0man (Rose)
Bren2xT (Balrog)

Team Hijueputa Dolfan305 (gief) Leonica14 (guile)

Hope the finals is recorded cause we be in it.

good shit on the upgrade to justinTV

k, my team will be
no jumping: LVS (akuma) Euro (honda)

i was using it before but had to many software problem. but a person witch choses to be anonymous donated some really good streaming software :smiley: so it should be way batter this time around.

so this tournament will be on shoryuken home page? the day of the tournament.

Anyone looking for a teammate?

I was apparently presumptuous in assuming my friend would want to play Guy. He’s since informed me otherwise so:

“Cops and Robbers”

Kirrus (Chun-Li) + Binkley (Cody)