Battlestar Galatica Season 3 - Gotta <3 War

Battlestar Galatica: Gotta <3 War

There’s like five of you on SRK that love BSG just like me so I figured I’d take the time to make a thread for us.

Season premiere is tomorrow at 9 est (but I’ll be catching the encore showing).

So who’s been watching the webisodes (which are pretty decent) and nervously waiting to see what Ron Moore and friends have up their sleeves this season?

(I just want a shit load of flippy ships, people geting pwned, and human-cylon political social drama!)

I just watched episode 10 of the resistance today. I think it gives us a good idea of why certain people ended up joining to resistance.

I’m pretty excited about the new season. From what I heard, they aren’t going to cut the season into 2 like the last one. Its 10 episodes, then a holiday break, then the last 10. At least they won’t be releasing season three in two volumes like they did season 2.

The one thing that bugged me was that everytime I saw a commercial for the new season, they were playing some crappy nickelback song in the background.

cringe Only mistake so far. I just hope we don’t hear that shit in the show.

It’s all about the great music from Season 2. Like that drumming right before Pegasus and Galatica had their stand off (end of season 2.0) or when it’s a really sad dramatic moment. That’s what they should have had in the commercial (or maybe they are trying to appeal to a larger crowd).

I’ll watch number 10 tonight.

oh hell yes. fri night is some good tv. dr. who(fav show ever) + bg = <3

I’ll be awaiting the torrent when it comes up…

Fuck, I sat through all of S1&2 over a 2 month period cos I practically missed out on all of them on the telly.

Easily, top 5 series / shows ever.

man i got a fucking programming class that doesn’t let out until 9:30. I guess i’ll be catching the late night rerun, but I am fucking stoked. Only non cartoon show worth watching on tv since xfiles imo.

Any thoughts on the number 6 and the baltar in her head and visa versa?.. is he a cylon?

Them both having a connection like that is really strange. Especially for Six having Baltar in her head. I think by now, Baltar would have been found out if he was a Cylon. His actions for the past two seasons just aren’t pro Cylon enough. He’s really just a delusional, egotistical, megalomaniac, evil genius type being manipulated by a ‘dead’ Cylon.

It’s definitely something that will come up this season.

I wonder what would happen if humans caught wind of what a halfling (cylon-human) can do. And I’m only talking about the regenitive healing abilty that a halfling has.

god damn that was a good season opener. didn’t know it was gonna be 2 hours. this totally makes up for how crap the lost premier was

What’s Lost? Oh yeah, that promising show from 2 years ago.

Anyway. Man that was too much. Suicide bombers, firing squads, Tigh missing an eye, Sharon switching sides officially, fat bastard, hotter Dee, slowly losing it Kara, Baltar trying his darnest to do the right thing, and Gaeta being the best unsung hero out of them all…

Ah, what a season this will be.

im at a anime con in nh. when i get back to mass im torrenting this shit down.

Great premiere and fuck, the overall premise and the “sides” issue is crazy. Sharon Agathon is gonna screw things up.


that about sums it up

Battlestar music video. It’s somewhat amusing.

I wish I still had cable or a faster internet connection.

haha xena got capped in the legs…i laughed out loud on that shit.

seeing hollow eye tigh made him seem even MORE GRIZZLED

damn he’s rough looking

During that convo between Dee and Helo…
“take care of the Admiral.” - Dee
"Take care of our son." - Helo

… I’m sure they were talking about Apollo, atleast use better words haha.

Gaius is gonna fuck things up!

I’m so pissed about the Hera thing. GOD WHY! Show just never lets up when it comes to fracked up situations.