Battlestar Galatica Season 3 - Gotta <3 War

Great fucken episode.

I always had a feeling about Kacey, I forgot to write about that last week. But seriously, great ep.

I really do hope they win an emmy for Visual FX.

The Galatica jumping into the atmosphere, dropping like a rock, launching the vipers from the flaming launch tubes, and then jumping away.

That was so fucking cool. This show was some of the best space vfx since Babyalon 5 and Star Trek. And not so much with the realism but the whole style and direction. I mean that shit was soooooooooooooo cool. There’s crap in Star Wars that can’t touch what Ronald and crew did.

Oh and the rest of the episode was both “Yey!” and “OMG that’s so fracked up.”

Good ol’ Battlestar.

I’m more excited about the next episode since people are being ‘tried’ for being ‘collaborators’. I don’t think the blood shed is worth it, but we’ll see.

Man, I nearly came in my pants watching the space ship porn tonight. Tigh offing his slutty wife was heartbreaking. Best show on TV right now!

no this is The BEAST show on TV right now! :cool:

the battlestar drop was the most balls-to-the-wall move i’ve seen in a while. FRIGGIN’ AWESOME! :amazed:

The third episode was a mother fucking season finale just about, way too good. Tigh is fucking broken at this point he gets all the best moments and I can’t wait to see where they take him.

haha the fuckin execution squad is too beastly.

…i liked my wife alot more than him…


their all crazy motherfuckers.

Haha goddamn Tigh.

Do you know where my eye is!

Mad revival.

Already a twist, 8.5mins into S03E12

this show keeps getting weirder and weirder.

the final 5?=the horseman of the apocolypse

the finally offed xena…made me sad

soo much hot poonany roams this show and its in risk of cancellation…thats bullshit.

baltar at least got one 3-some in.

i wanna know is he’s a damn robot…by the preview i believe he’s gonna have a nightmare scene where he wakes up on the ship. its too big a plot twist to post in a preview…its not like their fuckin stargate

Forgot there was a BSG thread. I didn’t read this whole thing, but imo this season is bunk man. Why the hell don’t the cylons just go back to the 12 colonies? I just dont understand their motivation for going to earth. They want to go seperate ways from the humans, the humans can ONLY live on earth due to radiation on the original 12 colonies, so why do the cylons go to earth? I want baltar to be sleazy again too

they totally lost me with that cylon 5 stuff :looney:

Cylons want to go to earth to start over. they realized their screwup after nuking the 12 colonies; so they have to get to earth before the survivors of the 12 colonies because if the fleet gets there first, they will tell the truth about what the Cylons did to them and cause Earthlings to hate Cylons just as much as they do. just a theory though…

last episode was crazy. I think that D’Anna saw the final 5 as Baltar + 4 other humans because lets face it. What other characters haven’t we been introduced to? It’s pretty silly to think that they are going to suddenly introduce non-established characters but it’s MORE plausible that they are going to reveal 4 of the major characters as Cylons. When D’Anna faced the last Cylon, she goes, you, I had no idea…and she smiles, holds out her hand as if the unknown Cylon reassures her.

Looking at what Sharon did (predestined to shoot Adama), I’m guessing that Baltar and Kara Thrace are Cylons. Baltar had a heavier emphasis on his destiny and Kara in this episode is revealed that she has a pre-written destiny too. Another character I just remembered had a prewritten destiny was the current president of the colonies.

I think its unlikely they are going to make 5 well known characters actually cylons. Thats a lot of people. If Baltar is a cylon, not only will it suck, but it won’t be a very interesting twist because its been hinted at like crazy.

Either way, I still think its stupid that the cylons want to go to earth. They’ve decided to just leave humans alone, so…they want to go and take the final human colony for themselves? Makes no sense to me. If they just lived on the 12 colonies they would be fine.

I also I am getting sick of the importance of religion on this show. Before this season, it wasn’t terribly important, you just heard someone say “thank the gods” every so often and that was it. This season almost entirely centers around the religions of the humans and cylons. I just think its kind of hokey and uninteresting.

Despite all this, I still like this show better than any other show on tv.

its kinda obvious the humans and cylons futures are intertwined…not just cuz the cylons want it to be. the humans bult the temple…yet the cylons could use it?

There wouldn’t be much of a show if they weren’t, there just isn’t a strong case for them still having interaction at the moment. The cylons decided to let the humans be, but then decided to find earth, despite the fact that earth is the only concievable place for the humans to go, and that the cylons have 12 perfectly liveable planets available. I just think its a bad premise for this season.

true. it would have made more sense if all the cylons wanted to follow the destiny plot. that way it makes more sense to chase humans down to earth.

making baltar a cylon is way too obvious. it would have to be someone you’d never suspect, otherwise, where would the shock value be?

they would be “fine” until humans mounted an attack against them. “blood for blood” man!

faith and belief systems are an integral part of the “human experience.” Cylons replicate this by their belief in their “creator” the same way. one of the major underlying points of this show is to ask the question, “what is human?” most of everything else is blowin’ shit up and fuckin’.

which is AWESOME!

D’Anna said he was right, so he has to be at least 1 of them.