Battletoads in Killer Instinct

Trying to find out more info (like is it included with your Season 2 pack if you bought that or what). And hopefully can find a video soon.

You need to have both KI and the Rare Replay to access him. Also, it’s only a beta and he’s available only until September 8.

Sorry but imho this is guest characters gone wrong, his model (and the character imo) does not fit the aesthetic of KI at all.

You need Rare Replay as well lol? Good, then he is at least he will be banned @ tourneys.

Well it sounds like you have to have Rare Replay for the beta? Does that mean when Season 3 goes on sale next year, that he will be in the Ultimate Bundles they do?

Because a genetically altered dinosaur, a robot, a skeleton, T1000 inspired ice alien, Japanese ghost, Human Torch and a Greek golem aren’t too farfetched. I think the character looks interesting and a nice addition to the cast, albeit, not a big fan of the method to get him or the length of time to use him.

WOW! They are really listening to fan feedback in a good way. Awesome, I was about to pick up Rare Replay anyway!
MS is doing everything short of announcing a new Battletoads game. DO IT PHIL! I WANT IT!

I’m not saying farfetched and opinions aside, but his ingame model looks just so different from the rest.

Well there’s already a disparity between S1 and S2 models so i’m just like whatever at this point lol.

Sorry, you don’t need Rare Replay. That was an error on our part. You need either Rare Replay or KI.

This is great! We’ve been asking for Battletoads as a guest character(s) in KI since the beginning. All of his specials and his instinct is spot on.

I don’t see the argument that Rash/Battletoads doesn’t “fit”. #1, KI already has crazy characters anyway. #2, Battletoads are flagship RARE characters. It’s appropriate, and I’m glad we finally get to see Battletoads again after about two decades.

Opinions will always differ. Im glad you’re happy.
I have never been a real fan of guest characters in fighting games (unless it’s a crossover already, then go all out by all means).
I would’ve rather seen more characters from the KI universe and expand on it… To me Rash feels like Badbox art Megaman in SFxT in terms of aesthetics

Rash is cool. Im assuming hes just here to hold people over until Seasom 3 starts. Which is going to have to wait all the way until SFV nearly launches. Im assuming due to setting up pc port cross play

So I have S1 and S2 of KI. So when I get home tonight, I can play Rash right now? And will have it free when it’s officially released?

1:01 haha

The thing is that there really isn’t anyone else left missing in the KI Universe besides 4 characters, and three of them are pretty much guaranteed for Season 3 (Tusk, Maya, Gargos). There’s room for guest characters & more brand new characters at this point, if we’re expecting at least 8 fighters for Season 3.

Plus Rare Replay just released, which features Killer Instinct Gold and Battletoads. It makes perfect sense even business wise to have Rash guest in KI.

Niggas talking like any guest character has ever really “fit” in a game they appeared in. lol


EDIT: He’s out now, downloading the update. Paul B and Rico Suave streaming

Yeah saw that on his availability. But I guess the question is after the beta period, is he to be purchased for S3?

Rash is the exception. May not be fully finished, but the moves he’s got make him deadly.

I am not a fan of adding in this Toad. I never owned a SNES. Those game are old af. I guess they are coming out with a new game soon so it makes sense. But i just do not think he fits in with the roster.

I have to say that is maybe my biggest gripe about KI. I don’t like a lot of the character designs. I am very happy to have more KI news either way.