Battletoads in Killer Instinct

I’ll never understand the point of a post like this.

"I hate this new character they’re adding, in fact I don’t even like most of the cast in the base game anyway, but here I am telling you guys regardless".

The “this character doesn’t fit with the rest of the cast” crap is even more hilarious.

I honestly don’t know what some fans expect of Killer Instinct. It is literally a game including Ice Aliens, Cybernetic dinosaurs, Werewolves and Skeleton Warrios, not to mention adding ghost girls and gigantic rock golems…but the addition of a **Battletoad **is what crosses the line.

Mind boggling.

Toads dont really know how to fight. I mean COME ON

Yes all KI characters are off the wall.
And it’s all a matter of opnion, everyone has characters they like/don’t, i.e. lets say I dislike TJ Combo… but his aesthetic graphical character model at least fits the game.
To me (and most of the time Im not big on guest characters unless it’s a crossover title) Rash crosses a line in terms of his aesthetic look / character model, he looks like he stepped out of a different game into KI.

Compared to let’s say MKX’s Jason Voorhees and Predator, there the guest share the same kind of graphical style, that’s the gripe I have with Rash in KI so far.

Well yeah, the thing with Rash is his demeanor and visuals make it obvious he’s just some character out to save the world. He doesn’t really look like he’s fighting some big struggle or has some real killer intent like most of the other cast. It’s like Cinder taken to an extreme as far as comic relief. Which even Cinder still visually looks darker and more serious than Rash.

That’s kind of the thing with guest characters. Box Art MegaMan and Kuro/Kubo looked pretty out of place in SFxT as well, but you kinda just let the novelty of them work.

In all honesty to me his look is what’s best about this game. I noticed for his beta they’re only using his Retro look (and after getting a few sneak peaks at his normal outfit, I’m hoping they plan on scrapping it in favor of the retro) but it still fits in for KI. Yeah his expressions are more cartoon-ish but they don’t take away from the look. He can morph his body parts but Orchid can turn into a Firecat, Hisako drops her jaw down to the floor to possess someone and Glacius is all kinds of malleable.

To me, it does and doesn’t look out of place, which is what makes it so epic to look at. If Microsoft & Rare came out with a Battletoads game with that style, it would be a huge hit!

People are batshit crazy. I don’t think it looks out of place at all. I think Rash suits the game perfectly.

This line about KI’s cast all being off the wall is complete nonsense. A handful are stereotypes: Thunder, Jago, Sabrewulf, Kan-Ra, Hisako. Which of the characters in here are particularly original? I wouldn’t say the game has much of a common thread, but at the same time in is not a very imaginative cast of characters. And yes, a toadman doesn’t seem to fit in well to me in a game. I don’t think it is painfully out of place, and i even find the character a kind of neat. But i still think its an odd choice unless there is an actual Battletoads game coming out. I don’t have much fondness for the campiness of the game “this is too much fun” of cinder and Rash’s dialogue are both iritiating to me.

Not a fan of the new little metal clinking sound they added AT ALL when the KV meter is nearing full. It just sounds so out of place and reminds me of the damn gem sound in SFxT. Hate it.

The cast is B-Movie monsters man, WTF game are u playing, if you’re even playing it all. Yes, they are tongue in cheek archtypes, the characters referencing that is not even remotely subtle. The imaginative part is how they all play. The character designs are the strength of this game for me, they’re all unique in their gameplay and there’s not a single character that isn’t fun.
Add Joanna Dark, The Arbiter, w/e, if IG can consistently deliver on making the characters fun and playable, go right ahead, not like they’re gonna add the dump truck from Blast Corps or 2 foot tall Banjo(u won’t be able to see him vs Aganos). They’ll pick wisely and make sure the character is a viable one, this game is perfect for cameos, it’s a game of cameo characters in itself.

And how is Rash a bad choice for character?
KI was a Rare game and Battletoads was a Rare game, you just had Rare Replay release the same day with 2 Battletoads games. And notice his win quote is “These cameos are killing me!”. MS already said KI was not the only Rare game that was getting a revival…

Yeah, I agree AlphaZero. I think I was responding to someone else. Somebody else wrote something about how “all characters are off the wall” and I was saying that no, as you yourself said, many of them seem to be stereotypes. We are both on the same page here.

And that is why I was writing that I felt a Toadman to be out of place. And if you read the rest of my comment, I mean c’mon bro, you would see that I opined that if there is a Battletoads game coming out or something then I guess it would make some sense.

And I just want to clarify, I am not trying to say that I find the character dumb or infuriating. I think its kind of cool that he morphs into a wrecking ball, but his look doesn’t seem to fit in all that well. (But he is a guest character with a possible game coming out so its understandable.)

meh, would have been better if it was a Ninja Turtle instead somehow.

No it would not of been better.

I hate that all this is happening while the ultra-combo forum is down…

Anyway, there are two separate issues. Issue 1 is basically, do you like guest characters in fighters and do you think Rash makes sense as a guest character in KI? Some people hate the idea of guest characters, period. Which is fine, they are entitled. But there’s no real discussion to be had. As far as “does Rash make sense” as a guest character, my opinion is that he does. It’s a Rare character in a reboot of a Rare game, and they are clearly trying to address MS’s weakness in regards to a stable of IP characters etc. I think it is logical, and at least the Battletoads fight - its not like adding a piñata from Viva Pinata.

The second issue is, have they done a good job on Rash. I think the answer to this is unequivocally yes. He is immediately recognizable, brings lots of elements from Battletoads and plays very well as a KI character. He’s different but fits into the KI playstyle. I’m very impressed that he looks and plays this well so far in advance of S3 launch.

I’m really hoping they do this type of beta test with other S3 characters for people who already own the game…

Agreed. It is agonizing that the forum is down right now.

Issue 1: Yes…as long as they don’t go crazy with it a la Soul Caliber. It’s like Namco focused more on the characters than they did the combat. I don’t think Iron Galaxy will have that problem though. And honestly, I’d welcome another guest character being brought in (especially if it’s Joanna Dark.)

Issue 2: Visually, HELL YEAH! They have his Retro outfit for this beta but I’m truly hoping they make it his normal because this is the best he’s looked in 3D. The cartoonish expressions when he triggers his instinct, his intro, his win pose, all of it just awesome. Playing wise…he’s gonna get nerfed. I truly hope he doesn’t, but with Wrecking Ball and to a lesser extent Ram Charge, his options are too good. I’ve made dozens of comebacks in rounds I straight up should’ve lost because of those moves. Even incomplete he feels God-Tier.

Regardless how he ends up, he’s definitely the Toad I’m picking up for Season 3. And I was just thinking that about Beta testing. Having Kim Wu and others out for beta would keep interest going in the game until March 2016.

Rash does kind of fit in with Sabrewulf and Riptor i guess. I do like guest characters, but battletoads seemed like a poor choice. Even with Rare Replay, which does make Rash’s inclusion less random, i don’t think it was a great choice. I mean Halo 5, the mascot of the console taht sells over 9 million copies, is coming out in a couple months. That would be a great guest character i think.

I’d be surprised if Masterchef didn’t make it in.

Battletoads is not a poor choice. They are a Rare property just like KI so it makes sense in that regard. The character of Sabrewulf comes from another Rare game of the same name.

I love RASH! I hope we get Pimple and Zitz also. I would also think Joanna Dark would fit into KI without much trouble.

You’ll most likely get a different color or customizable options to represent the other 2. Not bad, looking forward to what Season 3 brings.