Battop detaching all the time


I bought a battop to use on my TE but very frequently it will begin to detach in the middle of a game, I’m getting really pissed off because I’ve lost numerous matches because of this now.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems, if so how did you fix it and resist the urge to do a gootecks and throw your stick through the wall.


Tighten it down. The shaft has a flat head slot in the bottom, so you can hold it in place with a screwdriver. If it does’t tighten, you can try screwing it on with some paper between the threads on the shaft and the top.


silly question, are you using the little screwy adapter?

more advice here


I found that part of the problem can be solved by using Loctite to glue the adapter to the bat top (one less thing to come lose). Taken a step further (i.e. if you’re 100% committed to the bat top and will never need to switch it out) you could use Loctite and glue the entire assembly (bat top + adapter) to the JLF shaft.


When your bat top falls off, is it the adapter that’s falling off or the bat top itself?

When you screw in your adapter, wrap the adapter with an elastic band. The elastic band should give you a better grip when you screw the adapter on.

And of course, always use a flat head screwdriver to hold the shaft down when you screw either the adapter or bat top.


The actual battop itself, the adapter stays in place


Eric posted something informative?:looney:


I never pass up an opportunity to write “little screwy adapter”