Battop or Balltop? Which is your fave and why?


I recently made the switch from balltop to battop and I’m enjoying using the battop a lot. I have a woodgrain one that works really well. I find it easier to execute moves as is extends the length of the shaft and makes it where I can get more leverage into the corners and diagonals, etc. Which is your favorite and why?


Battop for me.
I play with a classic “american stick grip” with the outer/pinkie edge of my hand on the CP surface, and the stick in a very loose grip between my index and thumb. Balltops are too big to fit in that space between my thumb/index the same way (I actually have to grip it).


What: Aluminum Nippon Bat Tops.
Why: SPDs *[details=Spoiler]I’ve yet to try Korean Bat tops[/details]