Battop Vs Balltop (killerargument why to prever a battop!?)

If just tried both (Sanwa Bad/Balltop) and i found one thing i gues noone can argue against would be instrested wath other think about this

okay im totaly agreee the most issues are just a mater of addiction and personal preference i personaly like the bat more becouse i can touch it like a balltop but its a bit longer and tthou there is more leverage power (at least i think its a bit longer becouse the stick feels less stiff…) but i would say nothing against a balltop till i notice this…

its possible to touch the badtop low exert the muscle and shake it REALY FAST since your grabbing lower this lowers the way the stick must be moved to activate the microswitches and therefore its much faster to leave dizzys by shaking faster or even do 3/4 of damage when the opponent did not counter the grab

with a balltop its hard to grab the steel of the stick to do the same
its realy much easyer to perform with a badtop but its possible to hold the bad like a balltop so i see no argument against a badtop

of cours its possible to leave dizzys as fast with bad as with ball since there is no “open end” but its much harder to perform

I honestly don’t think it matters, but that’s just me.

There are bigger ball tops out there.

I prefer a bat top myself
because my fingers end up grinding the shaft which hurts eventually.

Please try that again, in English this time.

I strongly disagree with your conclusions about the bat top being more accurate. This is your personal preference speaking.

well i told this is only preferce but the ability to grab it lower and shorten so the movement for dizzys is not thats one point i figure out wath is truly not by the ball everything else would be personal preferences so its at least one point for bat that the ball doese not hafe

You’re not holding it right.

I prefer the “baseball bat”, but i can use both.

No homo :sweat:

I just do not like balls.

i just personally like the ball top because you can grip the ball top (no homo) with your first 3 fingers (Thumb,Index and middle) and like keep the rest of your hand on the side.

Throw/engage distance is not changed by having a ball or bat top.

i LoL’d

Got that right.

Again, it really is just personal preference especially because of how your hands need to feel comfortable and maneuverable at the same time, personally I prefer a ball top because I feel I have a better grip giving me better control overall. There is also some negative quirks associated with using a ball top and a bat top alike, its just things you get used to over time.

Balltop. Soooooo much more ergonomic! The round shape of the ball naturally contours to the finger’s alignment when gripping. You actually feel ike you’re controlling the stick, engaging it in the desired directions. Only wrist movement is required.

With battop its an entirely different wrist motion involved, and the forearm has some movement too, and feels like I’m arm wrestling with the stick instead.

The japanese arcade parts makers know what they are doing in regards to accuracy and ergonomics. Balltops wouldn’t be stock default on all their sticks if it was not the BEST option.

So you’d rather grip on a big long hard bat?

Its just preference. Personally, I have carpal tunnel. The ball is easier because I can palm it and need no grip.

at times i like the balltop but prefer the battop. not sure why though. maybe since battops is most of the arcades had when i went and got use to them as a kid

The local MvC2 machine by me has a bat top. My arcade stick has a ball top. I am TERRIBLE with a bat top. I just was terrible controlling it. But, it is all preference, and it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable with it.