Bay Area - 360 TE needed for dual mod


Hi guys,
please correct me if I have posted this in the wrong section.
I’ve the read rules and hopefully this is the right section.
advise where to post if incorrect, thanks.

So you know how everyone, a hand full, want the Madcatz SFIV TE Fight Stick 360/PS3, right?
I just got both for 360 and PS3 recently and i’m scared shitless in digging into the skill of soldering wires and stuff just to dual mod for both of these sticks.
I have seen the tutorials on how to do these in a nice fashionable order; its hard for me to become very careful with hardware-like tools.
I’m the type that is totally reluctant on using tools like solder and drilling, especially on electronic hardware that is rare at this specific time. But something simple as snapping on buttons and reconnecting (without use of solder or drill etc) disconnects and screwing/unscrewing i can do.
I have not opened the sticks myself, but i plan to just to do the template mod.

What i ask is this:
Is there anyone around Bay Area California (prefer around 707 area code) to help me mod BOTH TE 360 & TE PS3 sticks for me please?
will pay for parts and labor. Thank you.