Bay Area 3rd Strike


This is the place for 3rd strike players to congregate in the Bay/Norcal Areas. Post up, make friends, play threez. Norcal 3rd Strike Unite!

Speaking on that subject, I’ll be at Southtown Arcade (SF) tomorrow if anyone is down to get blown up =)


What time will you be there?

I might go if I decide to go to my jobs appreciation lunch/hand quits swelling from bug bite…


Sacramento folk here. I wish I can go to Southtown to play there but if I ever do go, it’s during special events or during one Real Honest Sundays.


Probably around 430-5ish I’ll show up. Stay until whenever.


Is there a 3rd strike player base anywhere in the south bay? San Jose area?


There’s me and MAMI and kin3tix I guess


I think people still play at sjsu not 100% sure though…

people play at svgl but it is somewhat random. Although if there are people playing they are usually quite solid.


Where is @afrorom


i haven’t seen mike in ages. kinetix where you at?!!!


I have a 3rd strike arcade machine at work and a few of us play and have started taking it more seriously. I know…kind of late to the party, but it is a great game :slight_smile:
I was wondering if there was a bigger community in the area. sjsu and svgl are arcades I’m guessing?


Well the SJSU arcade is in the san jose state student union thingy


I’m gonna go to mgl today for 3s/kof casualness. There’s a tournament so people should be around


We definitely need to get a tournament going for this game. I’d be down to have one granted there is enough interest. At least enough to fill up a 16 man bracket. Let me know.


Where at though


I’d be down for a tournament. I think another co-worker of mine would be down as well.


Playing dat KOF XIII, game is the shit. I’m usually around mgl nowadays. I’ll also visit Southtown every now and then as well. I’m not really down with their current setup for 3s though; 2 players on one jap cab is a no no.


We should have a random 2v2 somewhere someday


i’ll be at svgl for a little bit at 1:45 today if anyone is down for a few games.


me and my friend are really into third strike and are from sj. we usally go play on wednesday at golfland, never knew people still played 3rd strike at sjsu, gonna go check that out soon.


Heard some dude in Hayward is having an arcade session in his warehouse including 3S on linked astro cabs this saturday. 12-7pm.