Bay Area MvC2 Location?

Greetings from Vegas,

I am going to be on a trip the weekend of July 18th and 19th (Friday and Saturday) in the Bay Area and I was wondering where the main MvC2 hangout is? I’d love to get some games in against a new crew.

So, where’s the best place to find a good number of good MvC2 players in the Bay Area on a Friday or Saturday night?


Depends what part of the bay area you are in. In the north bay there are a lot of players in Fairfield.

I have a car, so I’ll be able to drive where ever. I’m just looking for the names of arcades with a strong MvC2 scene.

Solano Mall Tilt

1372 Travis Blvd # B
Fairfield, CA 94533

People playing every day. Many Tilt players post in that thread. Some do not.

Ah, thanks alot, I would not have known what that thread was without your help.

SFSU >/= fairfeild
@ 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA

stop by there too if you brought enough quarters… heheheh.
skip some jenky place called the metreon… ignore it,trust me.

Where at at the University? Are they open and active on a Friday or Saturday night?


svgl is you best bet, sfsu doesnt really have that many good players(any?). If you talk in the svgl thread you could at least get a handful of top WC heads to play at svgl

he said bay area.
and not talking about you :looney:

There are good marvel players in sfsu now? That’s news to me :looney:

swing by…
give it a try. i dont know bout the rest of us clowns.
but i’ll make sure that its not a slow day, just tell me when your going.

there are times when i go to sfsu, couple of noobs play. i only know like 3 or 4 guys that are notable players.

come face my omega red/zangeif i dont even need a thrid character :slight_smile:

SVGL = best mvc2 comp. in northern cali/bay area.

aslo check out the “nEEEzy…“THIS GUY, HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF???”” thread. that’s where all the marvel goes down in that thread.