Bay area norcal 3s players stand up!


Let’s get a tourney soon? I hear Southtown Arcade has some head to head cabs with 3rd Strike in them, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get something going for the 3S community out here. Who’s down?


Did the sticks get replaced after the last guy went and sorta didn’t find anybody to play?

Or just general upkeep sticks and buttons maintenance on the cabs?


buddha. i’ll be in sf this weekend. let’s get some games going

i’m also going to email STA and see if we can get a tourney set up for next weekend. If you’d like to help me run and/or promote, that’d be a great help. holla at me in the pm box mayng!


News said up to 10(?) million people flooding into San Fran this weekend from all these events. Watch your pocketbook!

1 mil, 10 mil is yeah. Snake Plissken.


@wtf-akuma-hax I haven’t been there in months, but they didn’t have H2H at the time and they had sticks that were mounted incorrectly. Hopefully that has changed…

@neiman for sure man, i’ll PM you with my number.


So did you guys end up playing together? I want to try to come out to one of the meet ups.


If anyone is down for a weekday session (wed-thurs) i will be there, just let me know


You guys make me wish I still lived in SF. I’ll try and make it down during thanksgiving and winter break though.


I’ll try to go there this Thursday though it won’t be until like 5:30 pm at the earliest.


Got called into work at the last minute today cmonster, wont be able to go to sta tonight