Bay area (peninsula) i need players who are interested in starting a tournament venue


Hey guys, if your located in the Bay Area, South San Francisco, Peninsula of Cali but more so in the Peninsula/SAN BRUNO area. im looking for interested individuals who want to build a gaming tournament scene. I have 2-3 venues in mind and i would like to approach the owners with the intent to develop tournaments and casual ranbats around with their venue. I need about 2-4 people to help start but more the merrier. People with experience in hosting tournaments are preferred but not necessarily needed in this case, but would help with any with experience in running tournaments to secure the venue. If you or anyone you know who would be interested in this start up let me know.

Once i have the team that i need to build this organization we will come up with ways to secure equipment to host our events and games we will play in the venue. At this time i can not give out the names of the venues here partly due to other people obtaining these venues before our potential team can.

If you would like to know more info you can contact me through Direct Message or call me on my sideline number. Dell and or my handle on this forum (Mr) lvlr_Reflex or just Reflex for short.

Sideline number (650)-779-0350 Peninsula Area
you can address me as dell or MR Reflex

hopefully i can meet up people who are interested locally and some where public and talk about what needs to happen or come up with a game plan and ideas to make this organization a success i look forward in staring something exciting with this community soon