Bay area stick savvys?

is anyone willing to dual pcb mod my hrap ex for the 360 to also make it work for my ps3 as well? I am too lazy to read about chtulu pcb’s and learn to soldier :xeye: but I am willing to pay someone to do it!? I would pay for the labor n parts if anyones up for the challenge. Anyone in the bay area, ca let me know thanks.


From my understanding I believe its impossible or near-impossible to due with the HRAP EX because the PCB is not common ground. I could be wrong…

Thinking about it…

If I did it I would have to remove the original PCB since Hori’s are not common ground, and would like to look at it before I agree.

I too go to SJSU, so pm me now and after finals are over I’ll consider it.

Also this post belongs on the trading forums thread.