Bay Shore Play 'N Trade (Long Island) Sunday Night Crack Sessions

Hey guys. Rich and Eli at Play 'N Trade in Bay Shore is going to close the store at like 6pm on Sundays, and reopen them for us at 7pm for weekly crack sessions. The more people show up, the longer we can keep this going. We were there last week and people usually stay pretty late to play. It’s mostly SF4, but Bob brought a KoF 2k2 UM setup for playing.

Rich is charging $5 per head for the whole evening so please come down and get some games, meet new people, and learn some things. Hope to see everyone there!!

2042A Sunrise Highway
Bayshore? NY? 11706
1 (631) 206-3200

In there we had tatsu also lol. I hope we get some CvS2 only got to play one match

i swear someone need to bring a setup for xvsf

o i c. its at 7 pm. i’ll anticipate it tomorrow.

Nothing happening tonight! Sorry guys, Eli had to cancel.

dang next week I guess

whats going on this sunday

I hope we have a session this Sunday. I need new people to play.

session should be happening this weekend Ill keep you guys informed if anything changes. Not going to post this in the other 50 LI thread except marvel so hopefully ppl read this one or the other

There will be PS3’s set-up?

damn completely forgot Im going to a concert this sunday

Im there tommorow…who else is going? Also whats the setup? Ps3 or 360?

They have wii, ps3, 360 i think someone will bring a ps2 set up too

what time you guys starting?

im in

ELI the guy running it is at my house. we are going to try and get there by 7

As Manny said, session is happening tomorrow night!

I would go to this.

Xbox is going to be there right?

yea xbox is deff going to be there.

BGlaughter I know I know you from something. I’m just too dumb to make the connection