Baylor, Waco Fighters>?


Thought I would say wats up Waco peeps, still here n holding it down strong, playing fighters on hard mode heh till its time muuaaahhahaha, awaiting first tourney battle of the ryus then on to evo :v


Hey bro…how come you never come to James’ spot when they’re here??


I live in Waco and I play Marvel, MK, Tekken and a couple of other games


Same as Rahim. I play on Xbox, so if anyone sees this buried topic shoot me a MSG. gt: squall33


I am always down for Donkey Kong Jr. if you guys want to meet me at the laundromat on 12th street.


kk omw Ill own you at that game


Am I the end or the beginning to all computers? ???


Soooo, is the Waco scene dead or is it just extremely small? I would have liked to play with people offline, but all I play is MK, which I think I’m decent at, and I play Injustice too but I’m not as good as I was in MK and I don’t have too much fun with it. I also wanted to learn AE but I feel like I’m too far behind everyone else.

I do remember hearing about small scenes around here but at that time all I heard was them playing Capcom games, which I didn’t play.


Hey Rampage254 I’m pretty alright at MK and I’m trying to get into AE too where do you live and what system do you play?


Rampage, we’ve moved over to the facebook page. Also I don’t know anyone in Waco that plays Mk honestly. I do know James and Cho play Injustice though.


I am selling a street figher 4 TE arcade stick for xbox360 for $65, I am located in waco, If anyone is interested hmu.


I’m interested, but what’s wrong with it?


Sorry it sold the same day I posted here.


Well, this is plenty dead…


yup lol!


Whoa! just came across this and it so makes sense to me. Destiny is a ripoff of Phantasy Star Online.


Killeen is still going…


I’m in Waco. I always wanted to get into FGC and learn. I like keeping up with it on Twitch.


Waco has their own facebook page as well too. That’s where most the traffic is. We were slowly merging killeen and waco together on one page.


…I cried when I see this old topic.
The good ol days… even if they were poor-ass ones.