Bayside area players ? ABCPO ( Antioch,Brentwood,Concord,Pittsburg and Oakley )

Im looking for a good community out here to play with and session. It seems like a majority is out in San jose, Milpitas and Fremont which is a bit of a drive so Im tryna keep it ABCPO ( antioch Brentwood Concord Pittsburg and oakley ) Im from Oakley/brentwood but theres like no one else out here.

Im just looking for some people to have sessions with share info, get better and do tournaments with.
Like theres no arcades at all out here so its all console, theres a few places that might be used as a session place that isnt someones house


Brentwood- Brentwood game exchange
Concord- DVC rec room ( Diablo valley college Has a recreation room which has an okay Fighting game community its open Monday to Thursday from like 8 till 5 only downside is you gotta deal with Magic players and some wierdos )
Antioch- if you find one tell me
Pittsburg- Theres a card shop that may let us Ill ask
Oakley- Same as brentwood since they are so close

If anyone is willing to open up their house please do so at your own risk and set rules and all. I want this to be civilized and such, cause opening up your house to strangers can be a bit nerve racking.

so if you wanna start something out here hit me up

GT xbox 360 Haikuwar

Bump, Still looking for people, Im planning on holding a tournament so I need some people to get feed back from PLEASE.

trying to Hold it at Brentwood Game exchange

7351 Brentwood Blvd Ste E
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 513-4650

Thats near where I am so anyone needs area info of anything.

Vince? let me know how this goes. ill be back in Pittsburg for break. we can get some games in.

Yeah its me Vince, I needa talk to the store manager still and all. I really wanna hold this tournament cause offlines are x10 better then onlines anyway. What day will you be back from Pittsburg?

What games do you play? and what games or game or you trying to hold at brentwood game exchange?

I used to live from Antioch but now live in Pinole. I am close enough from ABCPO that I won’t mind the drive for offline matches.

I’ll check this thread often…


Ill hold whatever games I get requested honestly, Like I was planning on making it a mainly ssf4 since Ill get the most people showing up and have like a secondary or third game. Um Suggestions would be nice seeing as this is my first time trying to hold something.

I’m interested. Definitely would be nice to have an offline community around here.

Ive been talking to the people who own Brentwood game exchange and Im waiting for the owner to get back from vacation and when he does Ill probably host one. Any suggestion for games>?

Hey guys, im in Pittsburg,and im interested too…

Well Im thinking we should hold like a practice game night were you just bring what you got and we play. If anyone has any good venues in mind do tell.

Where all my Antioch/Brentwood/Pittsburg/Oakley heads at?

I’m considering holding weekly’s (whether they be tournaments, or just hella casuals) at my house, but I wanna see how many people would be interested.

im in antioch and im definately in for some good matches if i can find anything out here ill let you know

Where do you live around antioch? We should play casuals sometime. I need someone to play super with.

Brentwood here. I’m definitely in for some casuals/tourneys.

did anyone bother seeing the thread that reads"the 925 thread"? Same location and concept.

Im In oakley/brentwood ( like right on the border of both ) and Im down if someone will host a spot. If you have a Place Ill put it in the main post of this thread.

shinobi. Same location yes. Same concept, not sure about that. If HaikuWar is trying to host any fighting game tournaments for any game then the concept is different. If he decides to host sf tournamants then ye same concept. I looked onto the 925 and it seems like it to me that everyone just play sf games.

And HaikuWar. Are you just trying to find people that plays ssfiv or what? Do you play TvC, KOF Series, arcana hearts, what?

Im trying to bring out more then just SF cause I play a lil, TVC, MVC2, BRAWL, MELEE and TEKKEN and I know everyone just doesnt play SSF4 so I wanna make these tournies and sessions have a wider choice then just street fighter. Like you kinda know what I mean?

How would guys feel about a SSF4,T6 and SSB( any smash game ) Tourney?