Baywatch episode with Street Fighter II


Anyone have a link to this? Damn I can’t get it out of my mind. Was it Hobie that was fighting over the cheapness of Blanka? Some good ole nostalgia.




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Yeah, IIRC he was trying to impress some girl. I can’t remember if that was the blonde with the dark thick eyebrows that was his girlfriend for a while. Anyway, he uses blanka and just spams electricity all day and when he does the “bite” throw the girl tells him that he’s good.

I think it was the episode with some stalker living underneath the pier, but I’m not sure.


You interested? :confused:


Damn so it was hobie in the fight?

I thought it was some other kids and hobie was breaking up the fight for them.


I loved Baywatch but I never saw that…however I did see JUICE when they were playing
the original Street Fighter:rofl:


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:rofl: Awesome AV. Never watched Baywatch all that much but I always stopped for a minute when someone was drowning. Slow mo running FTW!