BB:CPE Ragna Changes

Hey guys,

 I got Chrono Phantasma Extend on the PS4 a while back, and the combos that I used for Ragna (my main) aren't working like they used to. I've been trying to adapt, but I can't get the hits like I used to. Granted, it looks like the shorter combos hit just as hard. I don't know all of the changes, but here are some of the ones I've noticed so far:

Gauntlet Hades follow-up attack has less bounce height.
Standing D no longer has ground bounce.
Air Throw sends Ragna forward so that Standing B can combo without a quick dash or whiff Belial Edge.

I’ve seen that Belial Edge still has ground bounce properties in challenge mode demos, but I haven’t been able to trigger them.
I think that your opponent’s recovery time in the air shortens after 12 hits or so, but that could just be execution errors on my part.

 Anyway, are there any other changes that were made? Maybe I can modify some of my older combos. In the meantime, I'll be going back to Challenge Mode and try to learn the new ones while fighting against my own muscle memory.

I like some changes on Ragna, but what’s makes me sad is that Ragna will miss the Astral Heat after the standing neutral D attack. Only the Overdrive version will work. :frowning:

I think Dead Spike hits OTG in that situation, but if you’re in the corner, you can also use It’s Not Over Yet to pick your opponent back up and use your Astral Heat if you’re fast enough.

Okay, I was a bit off on the last one. Dead Spike can hit OTG, but it looks like it can’t be cancelled into anything save for a Dash Cancel. That said, It’s Not Over Yet does work on a character prone on the ground after hitting them with a Standard D. Use it in the corner, and you can combo into Black Onslaught.

As far as Belial Edge’s ground bounce properties go, the odds of that occurring seem to favor you when you do a forward jump and are at even level with your airborne target.