BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Oh god, I didn’t think about that :rofl:


I would love to see a rep from Kunio-kun.


RIP Capcpom.

Akihiko + Azrael Day fucking One


Tager X Waldstein X Kanji.
Any combination with those 3 would be heally hype.
BTW, is it me, or does this game have a free tag mechanic?


This game is literally going after Infinite’s throat. What’s funny is that this game was likely in development at the same time as Infinite, without either company knowing their games were a thing until reveals.

That’s delicious.


Too lazy to photoshop them running side by side. Team best girls.

Also not as optimistic as to expect Makoto to be 100% in, but we’ll work with what we get.


Something I discussed before: remember that this game is pulling resources (sprites) from other games, meaning spriting and animation work is pretty much already near completion, or already completed for anything new that needs to be added. That means that this game is becoming the very same thing MvC2 was, but without being a golden piece of shit.

It’s very possible each side could have 8+ characters each, and that’s already over 30 immediately.

What’s unfortunate is since RWBY characters have no spritework before this, they ALL need new spriting, and that means it could lessen things depending on their development schedule, though I doubt that since it means more workload went to their sprites than everyone else.

I wouldn’t mind if RWBY side had less characters than the other series’ just so we can have a lot of characters immediately, but we’ll see.


RWBY teams

Hopefully Reese makes it

Some fighting examples:


At least the main four will be there.


Wait wait wait I know what I want now



Super excited to see what comes of this game. A tag concept with all the different Drives and gauges… too sweet. Endless possibilities.

I can honestly see Grooves / Modes being a system mechanic. I wonder if they’ll do Netsu (like TTT), since there is so much lore in the games included, but probably not?


If Akatsuki is in I’m in.


It’s always good to have more characters and stuff in a crossover game, but man those videos look…kinda awful to me.


I’d enjoy that.


Tsubaki vs Pyrrha let’s go


It wouldn’t help anyway. All the games that’s crossing over are niche. The people who know of the game are already aware of what it is. It’s still preferable to use the game’s proper name in the thread title.


Keep the thread title. Such a mouthful it’s hilarious.

You know a game is Super Saiyan Anime when it has American anime in it. This much anime only true weebs and the Japanese will be able to handle.


Should have been Hunie Pop instead, to be honest.


The reason why I’m excited for this game because it could be a Capcom Fighting Jam done right. If they can find a way to properly mesh all of the unique and central fighting game mechanics from each series and have them all be cohesive, it’ll be awesome. An example is that Persona and BB outright have air dashes while UNIEL’s is more along the lines of a mini hop. I wouldn’t want them to change the latter because it’s unique to UNIEL but how can they offset that from one another. Whatever the case may be, I’m excited.


God, can you imagine how it would sound to do a combo on one of them?