BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds





I wonder which RWBY characters will be in the game, I know nothing about this Anime!

All I know is I want to see my girl Nine and Hilda.

But I feel like they will only go for the characters of the very first Blazblue.


RWBY will have the main four, most of gladiator girl’s team, the main villain chick and maybe Crow (He’s the only character besides the main four I remember the name of, lol). From there, it’s anyone’s guess. If I can get Hazama/Terumi and Adachi on a team…troll overload.


I know Evo would never do this, but it would be hilarious if next year we had this, GG, BB and Dragonball. Add in two smash games and Street Fighter and there isn’t any room for MvCI.


I can think of something even better:
[] Tekken 7
] KoF 14
[] Fighting Layer EX
] Guilty Gear REV 2
[] Blazblue Central Fiction
] Dragonball Fighter Z
] Pokken DX
[*] Street Fighter V (finals Saturday at 7:45AM so everyone can skip it easier)


Lol damn, this turned into a Capcom haters thread real fast. If this game gets in, best believe something else is going to give. No way is a new and highly anticipated game going to be pushed out of Evo, no matter how bad the marketing for it has been. That being said, ASW deserves to be top dog in the FG industry right now.


Yall can hate on Capcom all you want but MvCI, no matter how shit it is, won’t be going anywhere.


I hope that they also introduce characters in persona, BB and UNIB lore that aren’t playable in the main games, so that RWBY isn’t the only set of “new characters”


Also…Rachel with an assist is going to be godlike.

Imagine Rachel with Hilde keepaway assist. I am cringing at the idea as I type

Carl Clover w/ Persona character w/ persona

Lmao holy shit like did arksys really think this through at high level


The roster is going to be huge already. This is being done in the BBCF engine, so pretty much everyone in CF can be almost directly ported. But Blazblue doesn’t really have a lot of fighters left, unless we’re willing to pick people like Linhua and Bang’s Subordinate B.

Persona may or may not have some antagonists that can jump in. I’m not sure, watched Ultimax’s Story yesterday (P4 Chapter) and it was some real garbage. Unless they pick someone from 5 as foreshadowing of Persona 5 Arena, I don’t think that roster can contribute much.

Haven’t played UNIB yet. And I don’t even know who’s this Ruby chick.

Funny part, we can get 73 Characters (BBCF+P4AU+UNIB) without one new sprite in the roster.

That roster will be humongous.


Thre’s one important question I have to ask here

How the hell is ASW gonna balance this whole thing?


That’s the biggest question.

I guess they’ll have some pretty strong system mechanics to make sure everyone has at least a fighting chance. No assists also help with that. We can Burst and Counter Assault to be in for sure.

I’m also rather curious about the control scheme. P4A has auto combos and Personas. BB has Drives, no autocombos, a ton of command normals and I don’t even know what’s UNIB’s thing, but I heard they don’t have airdashes and they have some weird system mechanics.

How are they going to fit everything in one system?


Chances are arksys is going to start small so that balancing will be easier. There’s no way this wouldn’t be a shitfest otherwise.

Free tag and it’s game over for balance if that starting roster is over 25.


Yeah, that’s what I thought, until the added that Ruby chick and made it a 4 franchise crossover.

We’re getting a roster bigger than MvC2 at this point. You can’t have 4 franchises crossing over with less than 10 characters from each or you leave too many people out.

Just think about it, how many Blazblue characters are very important to the plot and iconic enough to get in? I can’t cut it to less than 10.


You still have to consider the RWBY side needs completely new work done AND it would have to match up to the other franchise’ character size, if they need it to.


Uniel has reverse beats, a hop button (which you can psuedo airdash with), and Shield which is like barrier blocking but reduces blockstun.

I don’t expect Uniel system mechanics to be ported over unless they do Grooves


I thought you were talking about MvCI until you said “highly anticipated”


Jesus are we sharing a brain?

I turned to my homeys after the reveal, and said if these two characters are in, I’m rushing down EB Games day -200 for this game.


I hope we get Guilty Gear characters anyway. I feel like someone out there might have the hands to play a Carl Clover/Zato-1 team.


Best girls shall always be best girls.