BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I expected was going to be the case. They’ve done this with Blazblue, Persona, and Guilty Gear a lot of times in the past, so it seemed obvious to me they would do the same here.


Examples? I don’t remember a point with Persona or BB at least where they decided to DLC a character with money into it’s free due to backlash.


Well, I thought they might be “rushing” the game to be available for EVO but I did not expect to be a main game. I can’t say I’m not happy with Yang being free. She was the RWBY girl that I was more interested because of her design.

Adachi and Marie in P4U. Elphet, Dizzy and Kum in Xrd SIGN/Revelator. Terumi and Es in Blazblue CP/CF.

Also, here is the trailer


Arc Sys’ crew walking in the desert is killing me.


It should also be pointed out that with those ones they were pretty much announced as free before anybody really said anything (I think Mai might have been included as free DLC with CF? I actually forget somehow). It was more just that people assumed the worst on the Blake/Yang thing when history showed they didn’t need to.


Mai was time-limited free. I had to shell out $7 to get her separately when I bought Centralfiction because I was late to the party.

Anyway, announcing Blake and Yang will be free is exactly how you pull out of a PR nose dive like this. I have removed my Cornette Face avatar accordingly.

A note: For those complaining the other asset-reuse characters should be free… this argument only possibly holds true for the Blazblue DLC cast. Hear me out.

The character assets may already exist, but ArcSys did have to re-license them. When Cross Tag was put in production, I guarantee you SEGA/Atlus’ response was “Where’s our piece of the action?” Then French Bread said “Where’s our piece of the action?” too. Re-licensing them was not free. Charging a few dollars to cover the license costs is entirely reasonable.

The effort involved in getting those asset re-uses is also not trivial. It’s light work, yes, but it’s not ‘no work.’ Someone had to program them in. Someone had to make sure the changes to their simplified movelists all work properly. Someone had to either do up a few new sprites for their universal overhead and/or reversal attack, or else figure out how to repurpose existing sprites for it. All of this is a mere fraction of the work going into a whole new character, but it’s not zero work.

At this point, ArcSys has done the right thing. Blake, Yang, Weiss, and Ruby are the only heavy work involved in the game, and I damn well expected my $40-$60 base game fee to cover the work involved in them. The vast majority of the money you spend on any copy of Cross Tag is going to offset their development costs and licensing fees to Rooster Teeth. That’s how it should be. The asset re-uses being sold to you for another $20 afterward is not ideal, but it IS ‘business realistic’ without going too far into scummy practices; remember the licensing costs.

I’ll be preordering Cross Tag, because the core gameplay looks good and they’ve done what they should have regarding the DLC situation.


Eh, I’ll still wait for the prices but so far I’m more excited than before.

Mai wasn`t free. Same as Kokonoe(CP), Jubei(CF), Leo(XrdS), Margareth(P4U), Raven(XrdR), Baiken&Answer(XrdR2) and the BBCS trio.


I stand corrected, then.


BBCS was before they did the whole thing anyway, but hey. There’s also the bit on release timing to look at as well and take into consideration when you think of those. But hell, I remember Adachi having a story mode that came with him that was also free at the time in Ultimax and that being kinda dope.


If Blake wasnt free dlc when announced, i dont think they would have passed the “PRbonus” of having that free dlc in the corner the first.
She and Yang being free dlc is damage control, and it’s good damage control. I think i’ll be preordering the game now :D.


Just got a confirmation that all cast from each 4 sides will have dual EN/JP audio, rather than just RWBY cast:

But who will be voicing UNI & Es (if DLCs still have too many BB cast, 2 other main BB timeline’s BBCF newbies (Naoto Kurogane & Susano’oh) also count if one of them is/are in)?

UPDATE: I noticed the Persona & UNI cast has looped BGMs, meaning they do not matched well w/ BB-styled unlooped BGMs unlike RWBY when I hear the Ragna’s Rebellion I Theme till the end on the Twitch Stream. Will the complete BGM remix of the characters be finalized at launch?


Depends. Is there a source stating that the free DLC is “limited time?” If yes, then I would agree.


They said the RWBY cast will be free, if its still ~$60 for full game DLC isn’t an abomination, we’ll know Thursday.


Is it Thursday Japan time, or Thursday for like say EST time? Just curious.


Any leaks of the DLC characters yet?


I don’t think they specified when on Thursday, sorry.

Sadly, yesterday’s ‘announcement’ turned out to be a dud where literally nothing of note was forthcoming.

Here’s hoping Thursday’s info is good. I may try to translate Ruby’s movelist to kill some time.

Edit: Here’s what I came up with. So, Ruby’s movelist is kind of a haze of “My head hurts and I’m not terribly awake yet”, but I got most of it!

She has four smart combos.
Her Reversal Action is… Some kind of ‘slice’, as in the action one might make with a bladed weapon. Sorry, can’t read it clearly.

Getting into her Specials (which they call "Skill"s in the green box)…

Rifle Shot (or Rifle Shoot, both are correct translations) is QCF + Square.
QCF + Triangle is… best guess Support Shot/Support Shoot (the accent marks on the first word are extremely tiny and it’s throwing off my reading). Edit 2: I think this means ‘support’ as in the act of supporting one’s rifle’s weight to aim better before firing, not as in an ‘Assist’ attack since Assists are universal engine features in this game.
QCB + any attack is Gun Blast, and the movelist notes it has follow-up interactions with another move whose name I can’t read; you press the button again to get the extra attack. It has a special condition or limitation involving ‘two’, but two of what I don’t know. This movelist is really blurry, my Japanese sucks, and my vision isn’t so great these days.)

QCF+Attack in the air gets some kind of ‘Blast’ named attack, I’m assuming this is a rifle shot of some kind but I cannot translate the first word accurately; I wind up at too many possibilities to be useful. This move also has an EX version done by QCF + Circle in the air (kinda like Under Night characters in this regard, it looks like).

Her other EX Special, QCF + Circle on the ground, is Guillotine (most likely translation. Other possibilities exist but make no sense).


Petal Boost is QCF + two attacks.
Petal Dance is QCB + two attacks.

I am absolutely confident in those translations; it’s definitely Petal Boost and Petal Dance. Petal Boost is probably her ‘turn into a swirl of red, dash through the target’ attack.

Petal Boost also gains some benefits when your resonance boost is active, but I can’t tell what said improvements would be.


I’m happy that Orie is in the game.


Those are all basically good picks, yeah.



Now may dream duo Orie/Weiss will become true!

Now I just wish a good netcode and a not very high price in Brazil (so I can have at least a decent number of people that I can play with).


On one hand…I’m really surprised Platinum got in before Tsubaki, Hakumen, and Bang.

On the other hand…I’m not surprised at all, lol.