BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


You’re not getting Guilty Gear characters. There was an interview where they asked about a vs series a while back and they said it wasn’t in the pipeline…obviously because this was in the works.

Also…XRD isn’t very anime compared to the other games I feel like the characters don’t mesh well with what BB is doing. I want Rev to continue to be it’s own thing


Let’s be honest here, they’re just saving the idea of GGxBB in Rev’s engine as a precursor to Blazblue’s sequel. They’re just too busy with DBFZ now.

I mean, Cross Tag does look like a last hurrah to ASW 2D depending on how you look at it. Everyone and their mother (including the fetus) in a massive tag battle?

Don’t get me wrong, maybe they’ll do another 2D game, but people have been asking for BB to get the Xrd treatment for a while now, and when Namco asks for it in a DBZ game, you know it’s good and popular.


According to someone on a fb group that i am part of, the highlighted part of this interview says that GG characters will be also in the game

We need someone who knows japanese to confirm it.


It definitely says guilty gear in katakana. But why won’t they show the guilty gear characters in the trailer, are they updating the sprites or something?


If they include someone from Guilty Gear it will be one, two characters tops. BlazBlue, Persona and UNIB sprites are 720p and Guilty Gear ones are 420p, so they wouldn’t be able to just dump them in the game as they are, they would have to remake them from the ground up. They will have to make the RWBY characters already, and with them doing DBFZ and most likely also working on future DLC for Xrd I don’t see them doing a lot of spritework for this, they chose to do a crossover because they can re-use a lot of assets.

My bet is that they won’t have GG characters, and if they do it will be a single guest.


Some potential RWBY characters

Team RWBY will definitely make it as they’re the main team


So whom would you guys consider the more or less guaranteed picks for the game?

From BlazBlue it’s obviously the Ragna-Jin-Noel trifecta, two of those are in
From RWBY it’s obviously all the 4 main girls
From Persona 4 Arena it’s at least Yu since he’s the protagonist
From UNIEL it’s easy to pick up 10 characters since it’s a half of the roster

But who else?

Who are the most important characters to BlazBlue and Persona 4?
assuming the roster for the game caps out at ~40 (10 from each franchise)


Oh shit, Yang X Akihiko: Team Punch Faces as Hard as Possible


You have to remember the cast of Persona 3 was also in the Arena games. Aigis is the most important character P3 cast after the events of that game.


I can already hear the prepwork being done for multiple varieties of team “Do Not Fist Android Girls.”


I only know that they need to add Tager, Waldstein and Kanji


Alright. Speculation time. 10 reps from BB and P4A.

BB: Ragna (Confirmed), Jin (Confirmed), Hazama, Relius, Rachel, Noel, Nu-13, Nine, Kagura, Kokonoe.

P4A: Yu (Confirmed), Mitsuru, Akihiko, Aigis, Labrys, Naoto, Yosuke, Chie, Kanji, Yukiko.

All 10 of these are guaranteed.
Now notice how many plot-relevant characters got left behind. For example: Adachi, Hakumen, Mu-12, Sho.

We’re getting over 60 characters easy if Guilty Gear doesn’t jump in.


I’m as hype for this game as everyone else is, but I think people need to cool down their expectations for completely new characters. This game is only being made in the first place because they can reuse most of the character assets. I’m fully expecting Ruby to be the only one from her series to be in this game, and there might be one other completely new person at best.

If they do make more new assets then all the power to them, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


To be honest, both P4A and BB have a complete roster. No room for new characters even if they wanted to.

If someone new is coming, it’s from RWBY or if they make GG sprites.

Don’t know anyone expecting too many new characters.


People are going through the whole RWBY cast looking for potential playable fighters when nooooooone of those people are getting in. Even getting just the eponymous squad is a pipe dream.


All of team RWBY should get in. I feel like if those 4 are the only new characters, there will be no issues including them all. Like previously stated, the rest are reused assets so no real work required there. They could add as many of the returning characters as they want if all they’re doing is copy/pasting and tweaking some numbers. Then all that needs to be done is making the sprites for team RWBY and they’re done. I’m oversimplifying a little bit, but you get the idea. I also suspect they’ve done significant work on the sprites already by this point.


From the looks, it seems that the UNI sprites are being reworked to match the BB/P4A sprites.
I also think that from RWBY, the main cast (the 4 girls) are a given.

The GG sprites are just 480p, while the BB/P4A/UNIEL are 720p.
My guess is that they are going to remake them using the GGXrd key frames as a base to rotoscope and make the sprites.


That’s probably it. It’s even more work trying to update AC+R’s sprites than using the Xrd models as bases.

If I recall correctly, they did use 3D models (No, not Xrd style, before anyone asks) as the base for the Blazblue sprites, so this is probably the most likely conclusion.


Yeah, like snk with kofxii and xiii, they rotoscoped the key frames frames from 3d models to do their sprites.


The game was introduced as a Blazblue vs Persona vs Uniel vs RWBY crossover game

Aside from that, Arc Systems are fans of the RWBY series and Rooster Teeth alongside RWBY fans have wanted a fighting game for a long time and Rooster Teeth hinted to a fighting game for a while before

Putting all that together, Ruby Rose will not be the only RWBY character