BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Just got a confirmation that all cast from each 4 sides will have dual EN/JP audio, rather than just RWBY cast:

But who will be voicing UNI & Es (if DLCs still have too many BB cast, 2 other main BB timeline’s BBCF newbies (Naoto Kurogane & Susano’oh) also count if one of them is/are in)?

UPDATE: I noticed the Persona & UNI cast has looped BGMs, meaning they do not matched well w/ BB-styled unlooped BGMs unlike RWBY when I hear the Ragna’s Rebellion I Theme till the end on the Twitch Stream. Will the complete BGM remix of the characters be finalized at launch?


Depends. Is there a source stating that the free DLC is “limited time?” If yes, then I would agree.


They said the RWBY cast will be free, if its still ~$60 for full game DLC isn’t an abomination, we’ll know Thursday.


Is it Thursday Japan time, or Thursday for like say EST time? Just curious.


Any leaks of the DLC characters yet?


I don’t think they specified when on Thursday, sorry.

Sadly, yesterday’s ‘announcement’ turned out to be a dud where literally nothing of note was forthcoming.

Here’s hoping Thursday’s info is good. I may try to translate Ruby’s movelist to kill some time.

Edit: Here’s what I came up with. So, Ruby’s movelist is kind of a haze of “My head hurts and I’m not terribly awake yet”, but I got most of it!

She has four smart combos.
Her Reversal Action is… Some kind of ‘slice’, as in the action one might make with a bladed weapon. Sorry, can’t read it clearly.

Getting into her Specials (which they call "Skill"s in the green box)…

Rifle Shot (or Rifle Shoot, both are correct translations) is QCF + Square.
QCF + Triangle is… best guess Support Shot/Support Shoot (the accent marks on the first word are extremely tiny and it’s throwing off my reading). Edit 2: I think this means ‘support’ as in the act of supporting one’s rifle’s weight to aim better before firing, not as in an ‘Assist’ attack since Assists are universal engine features in this game.
QCB + any attack is Gun Blast, and the movelist notes it has follow-up interactions with another move whose name I can’t read; you press the button again to get the extra attack. It has a special condition or limitation involving ‘two’, but two of what I don’t know. This movelist is really blurry, my Japanese sucks, and my vision isn’t so great these days.)

QCF+Attack in the air gets some kind of ‘Blast’ named attack, I’m assuming this is a rifle shot of some kind but I cannot translate the first word accurately; I wind up at too many possibilities to be useful. This move also has an EX version done by QCF + Circle in the air (kinda like Under Night characters in this regard, it looks like).

Her other EX Special, QCF + Circle on the ground, is Guillotine (most likely translation. Other possibilities exist but make no sense).


Petal Boost is QCF + two attacks.
Petal Dance is QCB + two attacks.

I am absolutely confident in those translations; it’s definitely Petal Boost and Petal Dance. Petal Boost is probably her ‘turn into a swirl of red, dash through the target’ attack.

Petal Boost also gains some benefits when your resonance boost is active, but I can’t tell what said improvements would be.


I’m happy that Orie is in the game.


Those are all basically good picks, yeah.



Now may dream duo Orie/Weiss will become true!

Now I just wish a good netcode and a not very high price in Brazil (so I can have at least a decent number of people that I can play with).


On one hand…I’m really surprised Platinum got in before Tsubaki, Hakumen, and Bang.

On the other hand…I’m not surprised at all, lol.


Current roster:

That’s 24 out of 40, 16 characters left to reveal, presumably next month that should go down 13 remaining

Plat, Kanji and Orie are the first DLC pack, but they will be free for "early adopters"
Blake and Yang will also be free, but permanently regardless of when you purchase the game

Speculation has it that character packs will cost 5$ each per 3 characters, so that’s 30$ total, with the All in One pack costing slightly less (I assume it’ll be closer to ~25$ rather than speculated 20$)

Of course this is all going off the Japanese prices, but apparently ArcSys is having a press conference later today in the US which should clarify all the mysteries regarding Western pricing

Still worrying there’s no EU release date, you’d think ArcSys would have already stroke a deal with PQube by now


Eh, after DBFZ I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Oh, sorry. Didn’t realize you were joking.





I guess this means Team Naoto (Kurogane & Shirogane) might be possible, when it comes to DLC now


I… I should not buy this… but I’m starting being tempted…


I got Orie. Now I’m going to need some non-vanilla UNIB characters and some more RWBY characters(preferably Pyrrha and Neopolitan).


I would be stunned if any additional RWBY characters show up. Consider this: Yang wasn’t even in a form ArcSys was comfortable showing to the public when they announced her. It’s really, really obvious they’re rushing the game out the door and plan to fix things later on.

Yang, one of the core characters for the franchise, is, all of two and a half months away from the game’s release, not ready. If any other RWBY characters are planned, I can all but guarantee they exist only as design documents and the most preliminary of assets or programming. Like, literally placeholder data and little else.

I’d love to be wrong, but I’d be outright stunned to be wrong on this. All good business sense suggests Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are all we’re getting from that show.


So that’s cool.

I’ll be good just getting the regular game and waiting to see what DLC is announced.


Yeah. Honestly, I can live with this. There’s a lot of asset re-use, but you have to remember ArcSys is re-licensing the characters in question as far as Persona and Under Night go.

Plus they’re having to pay for voice acting. Any English VA operating under the Screen Actors Guild (and most of them do) will cost like $250-300 an hour. That is not a typo. It’s also not an exactly correct figure, but it is ballpark-accurate. You figure a four hour block with 40 different performers (or effectively 40, since some people might play multiple characters and thus bill for multiple performances), that’s $40,000 right there. Plus the costs for the Japanese voices which I presume are roughly similar rates. Add in any recording for the story mode and you figure it’s probably around $100,000 just for voice talent. Again, I might be off by some but the amount is a decent guess.

That’s $100,000 expenditure right off the bat for a game that is going to do fairly niche sales since Blazblue isn’t a mega-hit. Add in the license costs, expected sales numbers, etc…

…And suddenly I can see $70 for this game. I really can. I don’t like it, but I understand where the numbers are coming from and I’ll eat the extra cost.

(EDIT: Actually i’m slightly wrong. It’s at least 41 performers; Sena and Luna dual-voice on Platinum. Toss in any performers for Rachel’s sub-characters if they’re in the game, and so on, and it could be a few thousand more dollars. Still, 100K is a useful estimate on the voice costs alone.)