BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds





I guess this means Team Naoto (Kurogane & Shirogane) might be possible, when it comes to DLC now


I… I should not buy this… but I’m starting being tempted…


I got Orie. Now I’m going to need some non-vanilla UNIB characters and some more RWBY characters(preferably Pyrrha and Neopolitan).


I would be stunned if any additional RWBY characters show up. Consider this: Yang wasn’t even in a form ArcSys was comfortable showing to the public when they announced her. It’s really, really obvious they’re rushing the game out the door and plan to fix things later on.

Yang, one of the core characters for the franchise, is, all of two and a half months away from the game’s release, not ready. If any other RWBY characters are planned, I can all but guarantee they exist only as design documents and the most preliminary of assets or programming. Like, literally placeholder data and little else.

I’d love to be wrong, but I’d be outright stunned to be wrong on this. All good business sense suggests Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are all we’re getting from that show.


So that’s cool.

I’ll be good just getting the regular game and waiting to see what DLC is announced.


Yeah. Honestly, I can live with this. There’s a lot of asset re-use, but you have to remember ArcSys is re-licensing the characters in question as far as Persona and Under Night go.

Plus they’re having to pay for voice acting. Any English VA operating under the Screen Actors Guild (and most of them do) will cost like $250-300 an hour. That is not a typo. It’s also not an exactly correct figure, but it is ballpark-accurate. You figure a four hour block with 40 different performers (or effectively 40, since some people might play multiple characters and thus bill for multiple performances), that’s $40,000 right there. Plus the costs for the Japanese voices which I presume are roughly similar rates. Add in any recording for the story mode and you figure it’s probably around $100,000 just for voice talent. Again, I might be off by some but the amount is a decent guess.

That’s $100,000 expenditure right off the bat for a game that is going to do fairly niche sales since Blazblue isn’t a mega-hit. Add in the license costs, expected sales numbers, etc…

…And suddenly I can see $70 for this game. I really can. I don’t like it, but I understand where the numbers are coming from and I’ll eat the extra cost.

(EDIT: Actually i’m slightly wrong. It’s at least 41 performers; Sena and Luna dual-voice on Platinum. Toss in any performers for Rachel’s sub-characters if they’re in the game, and so on, and it could be a few thousand more dollars. Still, 100K is a useful estimate on the voice costs alone.)


I’ll eat the extra cost too simply because Arc-Sys really does love to add in extras and details to the combat through character voices and interactions and it’s always a shame when they aren’t dubbed because you miss the small extras when certain characters don’t interact in the Story Mode or Arcade.

Still waiting on Revelator and Central Fiction dubs now.


I’ve heard that DBFZ’s netcode is decent. Or am I mistaken? Also, stop being mean, lol.


Well, to be fair, despite being Delay-Based, it seems rather decent.
I’ve seen SonicFox and Leffen have a FT10 on YT, average delay was 4f. Considering it’s likely a Sweden/USA connection, that’s amazing.

I’m not being mean about the price tag here, lmao. You know games tend to be on the heavier side here, especially if you don’t buy digital. And even so, it gets pricey.

I wanna see how the base game looks like and what the DLC adds with the characters. This looks like a hard cash grab even with the lower base price, but I’ll have to see some numbers if I’m going to pick it up.

Also, Akihiko, Yukari, Terumi, Kagura are still not confirmed, so I’m still waiting for most of my characters.

Yeah, reading the translations for the mid-fight quips just isn’t the same. And the English Voices are fairly good overall, so it’s not like we’re missing quality.


There’s no way Sweden/USA can actually be 4 frames with a ping >100ms.


Prices are cool, i’m preordering on steam when i can.


I posted the video on The Discord.

If you doubt me, just type leffen vs sonicfox ft10 on yt.


The game can say 2f even when clearly it’s not.
Either the frame count was wrong or Leffen wasn’t in Sweden at the time.


Dasvergeben did mention in his more recent Leak posts on Reddit that he knew of 10 characters that would be in, three of whom have been officially confirmed, so I’ve got my eyes peeled for the other seven, especially since none of them sound like crazy choices: Blake Belladonna (confirmed), Yang Xiao Long (confirmed), Kanji Tatsumi (confirmed), Naoto Shirogane, Mitsuru Kirijo, Aigis, Taokaka, Litchi Faye-Ling, Merkava and Hilda. Add the confirmed Platinum The Trinity and Orie to that and there’s 12 of the 20. I’d say Teddie and Tsubaki are locks too, so that’s 14. Next reveals of Cross Character Pack 2 are in March, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this unfolds.


I admit, I’d be pretty surprised if there was no Hakumen too, but I suppose weirder things could happen.


Seth is definitely one of the most important UNI reps for W1 DLC since he’s deuteragonist & Hyde’s rival, in term of ArcSys Red & Blue rivalry staple.

Reminder: This is just a Custom-Made Resonance Blaze Emblem. Not official. I have plenty of Custom-Made RB for confirmed UNI Cast too for this game. As for Persona & RWBY characters, they already have Arcana & Team Member Emblems as their RB Emblems.


I’m calling my shot of Teddie, Naoto, Mitsuru, Aigis, Akihiko, Hilda, Merkava, Seth, Carmine, Yuzuriha, Taokaka, Litchi, Tsubaki, Hakumen and Bullet for the remaining DLC, much as I’d LOVE to see Bang, Kokopuffs, Nine, Relius, Terumi, Mai, Celica, Izanami, Liz, Adachi, Labrys, MINAZUKI (since he has Tsukuyomi), Margaret, Marie, Phonon, Eltnum, Enkidu, Penny, Cinder, Roman, Qrow, Adam and Pyrrha in here, I feel like those are the most sensible additions based off of who we already have and the patterns they’ve been following. That said, that BB side could be totally wrong, because after seeing Platinum and Es, I’m convinced they’re just doing whatever they want on that side, since they have the extra slots to burn. Really hope they do more DLC though. I understand RWBY only getting the main four, since they’re being made from scratch, and I feel like I can’t complain about Under Night representation when they’re literally getting half their roster in here, but them potentially sticking with just the Original Ten from Vanilla P4A, which I fully expect them to do at this point, just seems really bland and boring to me, especially when they’re the side of the roster I’m hyped for the most, since, much as I love finally having Azrael and Gordeau in a game together, I have CF and UNIST to play them in, whereas this is the Grand Return to the Stage for the Persona crew.


Pardon, Eltnum is a guest like Akatsuki. How bout Erika M. Wagner? For Sho, maybe his True ED ver. will, for hybrid moves.